Spring cleanup at Kanonhstaton

Spring cleanup at the Kanonhstaton reclamation site near Caledonia happened last Saturday with people coming and going throughout the day. Several dozen black plastic bags of litter were collected and hauled away the next day. “It was great,” said organizer Cam Staats. “People came and had a good time.”

About two dozen volunteers spread out over the 40 hectares of Kanonhstaton to clean up not only rubbish from the house on the site, but also a lot of litter either blown onto the site from elsewhere as well as trash allegedly thrown over the fence onto the site from neighboring properties.”

“The site sure looks good,” said Staats following the pick up of plastic bags and debris by Kayanase of Six Nations. “It was good to see the people back at Kanonhstaton with no pressure and just enjoying themselves.”

But excluding a surprise visit by a few known Caledonia troublemakers, who were there to create an incident, everything was pleasant and positive as people came together to care for the land Six Nations residents and allies fought for in 2006.

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  1. Good to hear it was a positive day…however, I suggest that we as readers not be subjected to seeing photos of ‘troublemakers’. They have received more than their 15 seconds of fame, and I, for one, don’t want to see them ever again. It’s time to move to hearing/seeing/reading
    the positive things around Six Nations, and not give those types any more publicity. After all, my momma always said, “If you ignore people looking for trouble, they usually just go away.”

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