Students on MCFN will not return to the classroom this fall

MISSISSAUGAS OF THE CREDIT — Mississaugas of the Credit students will not be returning to the classroom this fall.

The community’s Chief and Council approved a return to school plan for 2020 and shared the details on the community’s Facebook page Monday.

Students will be taught 100% online from September 14, 2020 through to February 2021. Students will be required to participate as work will be graded. That is in contrast to the provincial standard through the pandemic shut-downs last school year where participation did not affect final grades for Ontario students.

Staff will be required to work at the school during the school year and to provide office hours for parents or students with questions.

Students will be provided iPads along with access to WiFi. Those students without access to wifi will have cellular internet connections purchased for them by the band along with pre loaded learning materials where necessary.

A working group will begin discussions late in the fall term to determine is local infection rates are low enough for students to return to the classroom for the second half of the year.

The band says further updates will be shared for what the plan is for students requiring special education.

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