Susan Aglukark and Survivorman Les Stroud: Arctic Crossing

JUNO-winning vocalist, Susan Aglukark and Survivorman’s Les Stroud will be taking the stage together on Thursday, Nov. 30 for a music, film and concert experience called Arctic Crossing.

Arctic Crossing is an experience like no other in celebration of the Arctic and the Earth, highlighting the story of the Inuits’ survival through the ages. Intimate music and stories woven together with beautiful video imagery for a presentation that is as much inspiring as it is entertaining. The show showcases the audio and visual landscape as vast, beautiful and important as the Arctic itself.

Aglukark’s performance focuses mainly on her new album, which tells, “as much of the story I have gathered from my ancestors about crossing the Bering Strait and moving across the North,” she said.

Aglukark’s gift is the story of the Inuit —their philosophy of reciprocity made alive by the energy of the land which has provided for their ability to survive and thrive.

Seasoned musician Stroud (aka Survivorman) has made a powerful name in the world of documentary film making, indeed starting an entirely new genre of TV, yet he comes by his music honestly. Since the age of 14 Stroud has been writing songs and studying musically and drawing inspiration from Mother Earth.

The performance is at the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines, Ont. in the Partridge Hall.

Tickets are $49 at regular price, $42 for members and $25 for college and university students.

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