Top reasons to shop locally

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners rely on regulars to make the revenue they need to feed their shelves, employees and families. With this in mind and with large retail stores, it might be easy to still wonder why should you help local businesses put bread on their tables. So, here are the top reasons to help out local businesses.


1 – Your spending will help boost the local economy and property value.

2 – Independent shops tend to host the best and most unique gifts.

3 – You might make a better deal or take away some great advice.

4 – Money spent is money returned to the community, as much as 70 per cent!

5 – Most new jobs are offered by small and locally owned businesses.

6 – Reduced environmental impact.

7 – Customer service tends to be better than retail stores.

8 – Non-profit organizations receive more support from local businesses.

9 – Encourages investment in the community.

10 – Adds character, memories and style to the area.



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  1. Then on the flip side. No minimum wage, property tax, business tax, U.I., C.P.P., income tax, workmen comp. health insurance. Not to bad for overhead cost. The workers get injured your on your own guys.

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