Two Brantford men arrested in organized crime investigation; guns, explosives, drugs and illegal cannabis products seized

BRANTFORD — OPP say they have dismantled four organized crime networks in Southern Ontario after an eight month investigation into firearms and drug trafficking.

On March 9, police executed a total of 11 search warrants, including 4 in Brantford and others in London, Ancaster, Paris, St. Thomas, Oakland and Barrie.

Investigators from the Brantford Police Service including members of BPS Emergency Response Team (ERT), K-9 Unit, Street Crime Unit and the Criminal Intelligence Unit were all involved in the successful execution of the Project Weaver search warrants issued in Brantford.

Police seized a total of 31 firearms, 81 grenades and two grenade launchers, 22 other prohibited devices and 3 explosive projectiles.

A large quantity of drugs was also seized including 10.85 kilograms of cocaine, 36 pounds of psilocybin and 715 grams of MDMA.

Illegal cannabis products including 216 pounds of illegal cannabis, five pounds of hash and more than $10,000 in other illegal cannabis products were seized.

An additional $127,757 in Canadian Currency and $2,106 in US currency along with eight vehicles were confiscated by police as part of the investigation.

A total of 10 people have been charged with 268 offences including two men from Brantford.

Jayme Hill, 31, of Brantford was arrested and remanded into police custody. He is facing 23 charges including: four counts of trafficking cocaine, three counts of possession of a firearm, three counts of weapons trafficking, and possession of cannabis for the purposes of distribution.

Brandon Spaulding, 31, also of Brantford is facing a total of 50 charges including two counts of possession of explosives, 12 counts of weapons trafficking, 11 counts of possession of a firearm, six counts of possession of a prohibited device, and two counts of trafficking cocaine.

Ryan Daigneault, 44 of London, Daniel Bell, 33 of St. Thomas; Daniel Boris, 42, of Strathroy; Cindy Klassen, 35, of St. Thomas; Stacey Scaman, 40, of London; Micheal Caron, 47, of London, Alicia Lewis-Haynes, 36, of Paris; and Sean Sutherland, 32, of Ancaster were also arrested as part of Project Weaver and are facing an additional 195 charges for weapons and drug trafficking.

The OPP Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau, Biker Enforcement Unit and Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit along with assistance from the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service say they worked together in the investigation, dubbed Project Weaver.

The four networks included members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in the London area responsible for trafficking cocaine in large quantities; a criminal network trafficking firearms and cannabis in the London area; a criminal network responsible for trafficking cocaine and firearms in the Brantford area; and a criminal network engaged in trafficking offensive weapons, explosive devices and cocaine in Brantford including grenades and a grenade launcher.

Police say the explosives are not from the Canadian Military and they are confident they have identified the source.

Police are continuing to identify the sources of the firearms and say some originated domestically in Canada and some have an origin in the United States.

“Project WEAVER has revealed the availability of truly alarming offensive weapons and firearms, which compromise the safety of the citizens of Ontario. It is imperative that law enforcement continue the fight against illegal firearms and those who choose to engage in their trafficking. The OPP is committed to a safe and secure Ontario and this investigation has prevented numerous illegal firearms, weapons and large quantities of drugs from reaching our communities,” said OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique.

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