Youth program helps kids learn and have fun

Half a dozen youth had a beautiful day frolicking on the grass at Chiefswood Park as they played traditional Haudenosaunee games on a perfect summer afternoon.

Tossing that lacrosse ball back and forth, encouraged by adults, the young folks were eager to show off their skills and hope for their future as grown up lacrosse stars for their favourite NLL teams.

Thanks to the Kanikonriio – Youth Life Promotion Program, which hosts unique and uplifting events year round, local youth are getting a chance to learn traditional ways while having fun.

Program coordinators organized a day of traditional games at Chiefswood Park on Aug. 10 where, of course, lacrosse took centre stage.

The youth aged five to nine had fun showing off their already well-developed stick-handling skills while hamming it up for the cameras!

The Kanikonriio program has a host of amazing and unique events coming up for the young person in your care seeking a connection with other kids, while learning about Haudenosaunee traditions.

Among the upcoming events are a honey workshop, canoe trip on the Grand River, and a Black Ash Longhouse Basket workshop for youth ages 13 to 18 on Aug. 18 and Aug. 19.


Six Nations youth enjoyed a day playing traditional games and making friends at Chiefswood Park on Aug. 10, with these happy kids showing off their impressive stick skills as the day wound down.

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