Mohawk Council of Kahnawake being sued for evictions of non-native residents

The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake announced on Friday that it was served with a lawsuit regarding on-going and pending mass evictions from the territory of non-native residents.

In a press release MCK stated, “The notice was sent by the law firm of Grey Casgrain, s.e.n.c., who are representing a group of seven persons: Waneek Miller; Keith Morgan; Terri McComber; Marvin McComber; John Joseph Barry Stacey; Nancy Montour; and Joseph Lanny Delisle.”

According to the release by MCK; plaintiffs named have declared that the current membership law on Kahnawake is unconstitutional under the Canadian Charter of Rights. An additional request is seeking each plaintiff be awarded $50,000 with interest for “violation of their fundamental rights and their dignity as individuals.”

The lawsuit comes after MCK says they received a letter accusing the band of “encouraging harassment against mixed couples.”

In their statement the MCK says that they “vigorously defend the interests of the community and its right to create, administer and adopt its own laws regarding membership. The MCK considers statements alleging intolerance and encouragement of harassment to be highly offensive and completely erroneous given its previous public and sustained denunciation of such actions.”

MCK Chief and Council will meet on November 3rd to discuss the matter.

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  1. And as for Cheryl she keeps saying her partner is Native. Well please go ahead and show us his papers to prove it. First she said he wasn’t a Native now he is? some people speak with a forked tongue.

    1. Excuse me, I do not understand how this would work with Kahnawake.,I am a fallen Seneca myself, but does not every woman have the right to choose her own husband? I understand that being married to a EuroAmerican woman purges me from the roles, I understand and do not contest, but I thought it was not the same for a woman.

      Just to defend my honour, I was a good husband to my first wife and her clan until death took her from the world. I do not regret being a good husband to a second wife, even if she unfortunately was born so pale and blonde.

  2. seems to me some people have 2 faces, you report the news and story but you are for it as I saw your comment on another site. She didn’t follow the rules of Mohawk Law and she can’t get her way but to sue. She’s loves the limelight, and fact is only her NonNative partner was told to leave not her, so another lie told to the media.

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