MPP Bob Delaney’s plan for mandatory water fluoridation

A fifth major study linking artificial water fluoridation to serious childhood health problems has been released and is getting mainstream attention. Newsweek magazine ran a story on March 10th linking Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the US with prenatal and early childhood exposure to fluoridation rates within each state in the US.

But will it be enough to encourage colonial decision-makers to realize the importance of consulting with Onkwehon:we people whenever proposing major changes to land, water or air?

Unfortunately, the message doesn’t seem to have gotten through to Mississauga-Streetsville MPP Bob Delaney. He is working with the professional lobby group of for-profit dentists (the Ontario Dental Association) to make water fluoridation mandatory across Ontario.

Newsweek’s story was based on the February 27, 2015 research of Ashley Malin and Christine Till that appeared in the scientific journal, Environmental Health. Their article is entitled, “Exposure to fluoridated water and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder prevalence among children and adolescents in the United States: an ecological association”.

Hopefully for Mother Earth, future generations and turtles everywhere, this will be the end of disfigured smiles, brittle bones, thyroid disorders, lost IQ points and Terry Fox-type bone cancer that that is characteristic of children living in areas of high fluoride exposure as described in the scientific literature. Although the language is typically loaded with technical terms, you can read the science for yourself at the Fluoride Action Network’s (FAN) free on-line public library at

Unlike their counterparts in large colonial settlements like the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area, London, Ottawa, Belleville, Parry Sound, Sudbury and North Bay, most Onkwehon:we water treatment plant operators do not add fluoridation chemicals to their local water supplies. However, they can’t take them out when they’re added upstream either. They are also prevented from measuring for and reporting on fluoride derived from contact with metals, minerals or carbon-based contaminants from polluting industries.

Even though only 1% gets consumed by humans, 100% of the water in fluoridating communities gets boosted to a level of about 0.7 milligrams per litre (mg/L) by adding fluoride-rich industrial waste products at a cost of $1000 per ton to taxpayers. Disposing of this waste correctly would cost industry $7000 per ton and is very dangerous for workers to handle.

To make things even worse for downstream communities who prefer the original version of water, Environment Canada established long ago in their Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic Species (like unborn children) that the ecosystem as a whole is only protected when water has less than 0.12 mg/L fluoride. This is five times less than what MPP Delaney wants to see dumped into lakes and rivers throughout Ontario.

While natural and constructed wetlands do a great job of making water both clean and safe, waste water treatment plants are not designed for fluoride removal from any source, including local industries that share the sewer system. Even more fluoride is added to waste water at the residential level through toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and digestion of fluoride-rich foods like tea and non-organic foods.

So, after 70 years of water fluoridation in some parts of Ontario, the fluoride level at the Hagersville Line intake pipe in the east end of Lake Erie is now at 0.20 mg/L without including the “off-list” and hidden chemical compounds like bromofluorobenzene that were listed in the 2011 Annual Water Report.

But MPP Delaney probably doesn’t know or care about any of that – he gets bottled water at his office in Queens Park and is not likely to be pregnant any time soon.

Perhaps he is also ignorant of the fact that his riding is in the territory of the Six Nations and the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation – both of which get drinking water from the Hagersville Line of the Nanticoke Water Treatment Plant. This water comes off of the shores of Lake Erie and is within sight of the coal-burning power plant.

If MPP Delaney is aware of the treaties, the Duty To Consult, fluoride-toxic children in his own riding or childhood cancer clusters in First Nations communities, and his duty to protect his First Mother instead of polluters, he may have forgotten about them what with all the excitement of the Pan Am Games coming to town. The Pan Am drug testing equipment can “test for everything” in water at a fraction of the cost of the current Ontario Drinking Water Standards list.

Readers are invited to remind him of this fact by e-mail at or via Twitter, Facebook or YouTube at BobDelaneyMPP or by post at:

MPP Bob Delaney
Plaza 4, Suite 220
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  1. I like to know if Bob dreamed up this petition on his own or if he is a “puppet” for another group.

    1. Bob says, in his introductory speech to the legislature, that he was propagandized er, I mean convinced, with emotionally wrenching sincerity by his friend and constituent, who happened to be a dentist and politician as past president of the professional trade monopoly for dentists, the Ontario Dental Association. This dentist spoke insultingly about tin-hat conspiracy nuts, disparaged the scientific evidence of fluoride poisoning and fluorosis of the teeth, and warned Bob not to listen to or meet with or read any documents provided by any constituents who are against fluoridation. The dentist was a devout worshipper of fertilizer factory scrubber waste fluoride in tap water. After the sermon, Bob agreed it was the only true religion and all his dissenting constituents were crazy anti-establishment fanatics out to destroy the church of public health dentistry. The dentist wanted Bob’s help in abolishing democracy in just this one place in the constitution that otherwise prevents such demolition in order to protect human rights. But it was such a great and important cause: to reverse the appalling trend of voters who convince their councils to stop fluoridating them, by following the rules set out under the Fluoridation Act of Ontario. So Bob, a democratically elected Liberal MLA who is glad for democracy as long as it is in his favour, fell for it. Constitution be damned as it is clearly stupid to give voters the right to decide that their children’s brains, teeth, bones and hormones should not be put at risk when their water medicates them with ten times more fluoride than nature normally provides. Bob agreed to introduce a motion asking that the Legislature amend all necessary laws including the constitution to take away the right of voters to vote on fluoridation by making artificial water fluoridation mandatory in all of Ontario. So yes I’d say Bob is kind of a puppet. A duped fool, anyway. Stupider than Rob Ford may he rest in peace, who understood the difference between toothpaste and toxic waste immediately once we showed him the assay for the fluoridation chemical seven years ago.

      1. I don’t know if you saw Bob’s facebook post from a week ago but he was showing a meeting with his team and talking about planning their next steps. I hope he does try to force it through because the media attention would provide a good opportunity to engage the public. The poor guy made the choice to go public without investigating first and now he has no idea what he is in for. He should have been more careful when choosing his friends.

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