Archdiocese apologizes after priest accuses residential school survivors of lying

WINNIPEG _ A Winnipeg archdiocese says a priest who suggested during a sermon that residential school survivors lied to get settlement money is no longer allowed to preach or teach publicly.

Archbishop Albert LeGatt says he is disavowing and apologizing for the remarks Rheal Forest made during a service at St. Emile Catholic Church in Winnipeg earlier this month.

During the service, which was broadcast on social media in now-deleted videos, Forest said students liked residential schools and claimed they were victims of sexual abuse to get money.

Forest also said media are evil.

LeGatt says he is sorry for pain the priest’s remarks caused to Indigenous people, particularly residential school survivors.

LeGatt is asking for forgiveness and says the diocese, especially church leadership, has a responsibility to understand the truth of what happened at residential schools.

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