Carey Price’s wife, Angela, helps to raise over $50,000 for First Nation Education Council

In light of the horrific revelations regarding Indigenous children, many decided to spend Canada Day differently this year. Given that it should be a period of mourning in the country, many Canadians spent the day reflecting, learning, advocating for change, and donating to Indigenous causes.

Various businesses remained open for the day and donated their proceeds to meaningful incentives that support Indigenous people, and two prominent figures in hockey also used their business to raise funds for a worthy cause.

Angela Price and Julie Petry, wives of the Canadiens’ players Carey Price and Jeff Petry, recently launched two different clothing lines. One is CHic, which exclusively features trendy Montreal Canadiens fan wear, and the other is Line Change, that’s branching out to provide on-trend fan wear for other teams in the league.

With Canadian hockey fans and Tampa haters alike flooding the Habs bandwagon this month to support them in their Stanley Cup berth, you have to imagine that business is booming for this dynamic business duo. They’ve used that success for good this month, and all throughout June, CHic donated 20% of sales to the First Nations Education Council, which contributes to the complete takeover of and inherent jurisdiction over education by its member First Nations, and aims to preserve their identity, culture and traditions. Price and Petry were able to donate an incredible $54,038.28 to the cause.

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