Greta asks media to focus on other young climate activists

By The Associated Press

MADRID — Celebrity environmentalist Greta Thunberg is urging media to pay more attention to other young climate activists.

The 16-year-old Swede, who first inspired fellow students by skipping school to pressure her country’s leaders, has drawn huge crowds at demonstrations and conferences in the past year.

Speaking alongside prominent German activist Luisa Neubauer at a U.N. climate meeting in Madrid on Monday, Thunberg said their stories “have been told over and over again.”
“There is no need to listen to us anymore,” she said.

Thunberg has been the centre of attention at the Madrid talks since she sailed back to Europe last week, having shunned air travel for environmental reasons. On Friday, she left a protest march through the Spanish capital early after being mobbed by protesters and reporters.

“It is people especially from the global south, especially from indigenous communities, who need to tell their stories,” she said before handing the mic to young activists from the United States, the Philippines, Russia, Uganda, Chile and the Marshall Islands.

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