Ontario Chiefs Special Assembly to commence this week

TORONTO – It will be a full agenda this week when the Chiefs of Ontario gather with Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day for their Special Assembly, which begins Nov. 24 running three days until Nov. 26th at the Chelsea Hotel in downtown Toronto.

A long list of topics important to Ontario’s First Nations communities will include “Securing Our Right Place” with Chief Day, a report from the Chiefs Committee on Energy, a Youth Symposium, as well as a Relationships Round Table where building on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations, land rights jurisdiction, treaty strategies, and resource revenues and benefit sharing will be discussed.

Other items on the agenda will include water, poverty reduction strategies, and aboriginal child services.

In advance of the meetings, Ontario Regional Chief Day released a paper containing his thoughts on securing First Nations rightful place in climate change talks.

“As the Prime Minister and Premiers meet in advance of attending the Paris Climate Change Conference, it is imperative that First Nation governments be included now in Canada’s united approach for protecting our lands and our planet for future generations,” Day states.

“We all know, and are experiencing the threat of climate change and global warming. Because these impacts are being felt by our people, in our treaty and traditional lands, we should be the ones who are thoroughly consulted. Consistent with Canada’s international commitments, First Nations want to move forward on a consensual basis with Canada and Ontario to fight climate change.”

More details on the Chiefs Special Assembly will be available next week in the Two Row Times.

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