Abusive off duty Thunder Bay cop caught on iPhone

Thunder Bay — At 7:25 pm, eastern time, Saturday Dec. 1st, Thunder Bay OPP received a call to a disturbance involving a 17-year-old intoxicated female at a party on the city’s north side because someone was bleeding and needed medical attention..

A video of the incident shows a person strapped in a gurney being hollered at by a police female officer who then pushed down on the patient using her entire weight while still hollering at her.

Upon investigation, it was determined that the officer was off duty at the time, but she is still under investigation relative to the incident. The officer’s name was not given. The video showing the incident was posted by Latisha Hardy, a witness, who posted the video to her Facebook account.

“That’s enough. Do not spit on me,” the officer can be heard yelling,” according to Hardy, “immediately after what looks and sounds to be a hard slap to the head 13 seconds into the video.”

The officer continues to yell, “you do not spit on me,” while covering the victim’s mouth, pushing down with force.

The victim on the gurney is a teen is from Nibinimik First Nation and student of the Matawa Learning Centre.

“We are outraged by the actions of the officer depicted in this video. We do not know all of the details that led to this incident, but there is simply no justification for such violent and callous treatment of a youth in a defenceless position,” said NAN Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler in a press release. “Such actions by the police, whatever the cause, must be fully independent authority and the results made public by the Chief of Police.”

To date, OPP has not confirmed if the incident is being investigated by the SIU. The victim has been released from hospital.

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