Akwesasne War Chief Skaghenhate’ goes bigger after sign is vandalized


AKWESASNE – Akwesasne War Chief, Skaghenhate’, drove up to his Urban Thrift retail tobacco business on Nov 17,  and saw something different.  A vinyl sign he had put up had been defaced with black spray paint sometime during the night.  There were no witnesses to the vandalism.

Skaghenhate’, also known as Bill Sears, took the sign down and began cleaning off the paint.  “Real cheap stuff they used on my sign,” the veteran businessman said. “Whoever did it had no guts to do it while I was here,”  Skaghenhate’ declared.  “They did it in the middle of the night like rats.”

Never one to be deterred, Skaghenhate’ vowed to come back, bigger and better.  The sign will be put up higher and under glass in the same spot.  “I may even light it so it can be better seen at night!”

Also new and improved will be a huge glossy banner which will hang over Route 37.  The banner will declare Akwesasne off-limits to federal and state law enforcement.  “This is my reminder to them,”  Skaghenhate’ said.  “No one else has stepped up and posted Akwesasne off-limits to the outside police.  I feel compelled to do so at this time!”

Skaghenhate’ is in the middle of a revival and recruitment for a reformed Mohawk Warriors Society.  “I had people asking me to do this. They said if someone could do it, that I had the best chance to succeed.  They were waiting for the call to go out. Now they are coming in and signing up after they see the sign and the Unity flag at my business. A lot of people are thanking me for doing this, every day,” Skaghenhate said. “I am just getting started with my message. The signs are getting bigger,” he stated.

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