MNN. May 3, 2014. On May 2nd Sean Atleo courageously stepped down as head of the Assembly of First Nations to return to the natural direction we call “tion-heh-kwen”.

AFN is an agency of the Corporation of Canada. It is not from us. it is from them. Their job is to pretend to speak for the Indigenous people. They illegally sign away our land, resources and rights.

We are watching to see what the other band and tribal councils are going to do now.

Without this grid, the corporation of Canada will no longer exist. Will the corporate Indians step down and stand with the true natural people as Atleo did? Can they renew their relationship with creation? Mother earth, water, plant life, fish, birds, four legged, the winged ones, all of our natural relatives. If so, the corporation and its shareholders will have no access to us and our natural resources. The world will have to stop doing business with the criminal entity known as Canada. The band council is the fake corporate Indian grid that presents to the world a sense of legality when they extract our natural resources.

The band council theatre helps to pull the wool over our eyes to keep us in constant servitude to the shareholders of the corporation of Canada. The Corporate Injuns stand aside while our land and all our relatives on it are pillaged and raped. Their main job now is to be the last line of defense for the Vatican [Crown] not be criminally charged with genocide regarding the residential school holocaust. They propagate the “owistah” disease in our mind. The problem is me. The solution is we, through the Kaianerekowa.

For Sean. “The mountain is high. The valley is low.  And you’re confused on which way to go. So i’ve come here to give you a hand. And lead you into the promised land. So come on and take a free ride!” Edgar Winter. “Free Ride”.

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“Atleo quits AFN”  


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  1. One thing is for sure -he is not going away soon – he is too great a leader to just bow down…

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