White supremacist Paul Fromm running for Hamilton mayor

SIX NATIONS — If anyone wonders what impact US President Trump is making in the western world, the proof just became obvious with the CBC report that proud white nationalist and neo-Nazi Paul Fromm has announced his candidacy for Mayor of the City of Hamilton.

A quick Google search on Fromm will explain his world view completely. He has been one of Canada’s mort outspoken Holocaust deniers. Locally he helped promote Caledonia pro-white/anti-Native Rights agitator Gary McHale’s rallies during the reclamation of the former Douglas Creek Estates land in 2006.

Fromm made several appeals through white supremacist networks for participation in McHale’s Caledonia rallies on white nationalist and neo-Nazi website, ‘Stormfront’ and was photographed at one of McHale’s rallies wearing his distinctive tattered cowboy hat and Ontario’s “red ensign” flag on a pole.

Today Fromm is a well travelled keynote speaker at neo-Nazi and white supremacist rallies across Canada and the USA.

Because of a new boldness in promoting racist ideals that came through after the election of Donald Trump in the US and Doug Ford in Ontario —Fromm now feels “safe” to go mainstream with his alt-right, alt-white vision for Hamilton.

Fromm’s mayoral aspirations comes as no big surprise.

According to a well researched biography published online by the Southern Poverty Law Centre, “Paul Fromm who ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Mississauga recently, and had his teaching license revoked because of his participation in racist events and for rallying against non-white immigration, serves as international director of the Council of Conservative Citizens.”

While on the campaign trail he put out white supremacist and Holocaust-denial literature at his campaign tables, and the same is expected in his Hamilton race.

According to International Business Times, Fromm is the “Canadian ‘Neo-Nazi’ leader of the White Nationalist Group that inspired the Charleston murder of nine worshipers at a Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina in June 2015.

In 2009, Fromm took part in a march organized by the Aryan Guard in Calgary, Alberta, and now that he has moved to Hamilton from the GTA, he wants to be Hamilton’s new mayor.

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