Sit-n-Bull and Pro-Fit giving back in a big way

SIX NATIONS — There were several million dollars worth of luxury and sports cars to ogle, blowup rides for the kids, free burgers and pizza, and an appearance and photo opportunity with Emanuel “Webster” Lewis and the one and only Trailer Park Boys, on Sunday afternoon.

The customer appreciation event attracted an estimated 6,000 visitors, several going home with a $500 prize given away every 15 minutes There was also a riding lawn mower and a golf cart given away. All this in appreciation to customers from Jerry Montour and Kenny Hill, owners of Sit ‘n Bull and Pro-Fit Health Club.

“This is just a way for Jerry and I to give back to our loyal customers,” said Hill on behalf of his partner who had blown his voice out completely during the day. “As you know, Jerry and I and his father started this business years ago. I don’t know if that was 25 or 30 years ago, but we want to let our customers know how much we appreciate them and, who knows, next year maybe we can do this again and make it bigger and better.”

Rows of Ferraris, Rolls Royce’s, Lamborghinis and many other vintage and sports cars lining the parking lot and driveway at both host business locations on Sixth Line Road caused more than enough attention and daydreams.

The popular Trailer Park Boys signed hundreds of autographs and posed for as many photos with people lined up for the right to say, “I met the Trailer Park Boys”.

TV’s Emanuel Lewis, star of “Webster” has become almost an honorary citizen of Six Nations after spending so much time at various local events. He too attracted a lot of attention and thanked the crowd for coming.

“On behalf of Jerry Montour, our staff and all the cooks, thank you very much,” said Hill in closing the all day event. “You are beautiful people and thanks for shopping at Sit–n-Bull and Pro-Fit Health Club, next door here, and making our day.”

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