Six Nations Citizenship Code has passed

The Six Nations Citizenship Code has passed.

Votes were tallied at the Six Nations Tourism building after the polls closed at 6:00 p.m. Saturday.

The final tally was 414 for and 196 against.

In total 612 votes were cast online, in person in the advance and regular polls. Two ballots were spoiled.

Early poll results: 66 ballots cast; 48-yes 18-no.
Regular Poll: 157 ballots cast; 109-yes 46-no.
Online Voting: 389 ballots cast; 257-yes

The total number of ballots submitted is up from Six Nations last referendum vote in 2015 — which saw 557 ballots cast.

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  1. These are unacceptable numbers for legitimizing change. The only thing this vote should validate is the inappropriateness of the band council representing the community on this issue. To think that such a small turnout, an extreme minority, is legitimizing this direction, is ridiculous.

    1. I voted, most of my family voted, we are off reserve status…doesn’t feel very nice that I have contributed to the division on the Rez..I didn’t know that so few of us vote

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