Six Nations Fire and Emergency Services selected to host 2016 National Aboriginal Firefighter Competition

SIX NATIONS – The Aboriginal Fire Fighter Association of Canada announced that the Six Nations Fire and Emergency Services Department has been given the privilege to host the 2016 National Firefighter Competition.

August 10-14, 2016 are the proposed dates for the competition; delegates and teams from each province of Canada will attend training sessions, meetings, a competition and a fire service trade show.

The year 2016 will also be the semi-centennial commemorating 50 years of service for the Six Nations Fire Department, opening the opportunity to deliver an even more memorable competition along with using the experience from the Regional and National Competition in past years.

The Six Nations Fire Department has had the honour of hosting the Ontario Regional Fire Fighter Competition twice in the past decade, but the fire service family has had aspirations to host the national competition in Six Nations since having the privilege to represent the Ontario region at the 2012 National Aboriginal Firefighter Competition.

The purpose of the competition is to encourage First Nations communities to volunteer, while highlighting professional firefighter training standards. The element of the competition is to encourage participants that competed at the regional competitions throughout Canada to train and practice basic firefighter skills, overall resulting in increased safety for First Nations communities.

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