Grassroots movement needed to counter Ottawa’s virus of greed

The Federal department called the Assembly of First Nations seeks to throw out all existing documentation of First Nations sovereignty.

Historic leadership and nations from the Eastern door to the western shores have held that the land is sacred, lent and occupied by the original First Nations who greeted and assisted lost colonial settlers.

Federal and provincial governments have tried to take away rights or land and their list continues whether it is the historic smallpox blankets or by killing off buffalo, or by restricting hunting or fishing, or by breaking families with the forced removal of children.

The list continues with modern day termination giving up rights treaties, or legislation like the First Nation Land Management Act, or the upcoming Recognition and Implementation of Rights Act.

The genocidal tool of smallpox inserted a foreign virus into the original people that resulted in many deaths. This time, their genocidal tool is the virus of greed.

Indian Affairs controls who speaks for the “first nations’. When Deskaheh went to lobby the League of Nations for fairness for his people, he returned to Canada stripped of his leadership with an elected Indian Act council that continues to cause rifts in the Haudenosaunee people to this day.

This greed for power or money or standing in a community is destroying the collective nature of the original people. Currently across Canada, there are Indian Act chiefs in some six hundred plus bands that control their communities. The chiefs set elections. The chiefs have access to funds to encourage voters to support them in these fixed elections. The chiefs reward voters and their families with jobs and homes. How can this gap ever be fixed? Does Perry Bellegarde have this answer?

Indian Affairs knows this system exists and have been complicit from the inception of Indian Act councils to the recent promises made to specific chiefs at a national chiefs assembly.

The Assembly of First Nations is another Federal department. This is the way that Trudeau and his federal ministers maintain control and jurisdiction over the actual “owners” of the land and resources.

However, the Federal government has failed to include all the other Indians. In setting up Indian elite chiefs and councils who only help their families or select voters, Trudeau has forgotten the rest of our people.

We are the original people and we know our truth.

As original people, we had many societies. We have traditional or ceremonial people. We have women, matriarchal or educational functions. We also have warriors for policing, protection and for war. These societies are not gone. They exist as an undercurrent and flow that links us back to our original ancestry. This blood memory and cosmic flow cannot be broken.

In our languages we carry our laws, the teachings and heart of the people. These languages connect to the land, waters and spirits that have always lived in this space.

Trudeau thinks that if he buys one “Indian organization” that we all will follow. Trudeau like his father, White Paper Trudeau, has never seen or understood why our people are still here.

After five hundred years, we go on. We are thriving and the fastest growing population segment on this land. Why? It is because it is our land. Our people are connected to the greater purpose and song of this land. We cannot be silenced.

The purpose of Trudeau’s latest legislation is to ignore the 1763 Royal Proclamation that states from the whiteman’s own laws that the Indian people are the occupier/owners of this land.

From this document, the original people have had international standing in whiteman made law because only nations can make treaties. Every legislation or act that has been enacted tries to take away this international protection from the first peoples.

Trudeau would also like to ignore the 1867 British North America Act renamed the Canada Act to try to break from the fact that this land was formed by the nation of Great Britain and Canada is just a colony or leftover state.

Finally, Trudeau hopes to correct his late dad’s greatest failure. Enshrining the rights of the Indigenous/Indian people into Canada’s constitution was Trudeau the elder’s greatest failure. When the Indian people took it upon themselves as nations to go speak to the leader of nation that partnered with them, the Queen, Trudeau the elder was outraged. He sent eleven justice ministers to England to deal with “his” wayward Indians.

These weren’t wayward Indians. There were the hereditary leaders who used the Indian Act electoral system to work and lobby for not only their own individual bands, but for all the original peoples who stood to be affected by Trudeau the elder’s latest plans to undermine rights.

Now this man’s son has come forward, sniveling about “giving” our people recognition.

The constitution is the recognition. Anything Trudeau the younger creates is just some namby-pamby legislation that this little state called Canada can make.

In the 1970’s some forty years ago, we had our Chiefs, our leaders who understood that Trudeau could do nothing because the original treaties trumped his every action. Now we have a full funded department of chiefs who are trying to give away the land and all the inherent rights that come with who we are as a people.

The grassroots people are stepping up in their communities. Last week a group of Cold Lake Dene grandmothers started to oppose the destruction of their land by their Indian agent chief and council. The Stoney Nakoda rallied their people to oppose land designation and development west of Calgary. Sewepemc Warriors are standing to build tiny houses in the path of the KinderMorgan TransMountain pipeline. The fight against Dakota Access Pipeline culminated in a global protection effort in Standing Rock S.D. last year.

The original people are tied to the land and the waters. They steward and protect. Trudeau like other oppressive mainstream government leaders thinks that by controlling one office he will control six hundred plus nations. He is wrong.

The grassroots will stop Ottawa and the land destruction.
The grassroots will stop Indian Affairs latest department the Assembly of First Nations.
The grassroots will take this to every man made court and then for final judgment to the court of the Creator. Here the earth and waters will determine the outcome. It is best for all planetary life, that we recognize we are only one small part of Creation.

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