The fatal consequences of colonialism

Canada’s speedy reconciliation farce has civil servants, and elected officials laughing at the needy desperation of the stupid Indians under their “care”.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has finally shown his ultimate disdain for the Indians, following the path that his late father Pierre Eliot Trudeau set into motion.

The 1969 White Paper Policy of the Liberal Trudeau government was meant to assimilate the First Nation Indigenous, the Indians or the original peoples into regular Canadians. Pierre Eliot Trudeau called this assimilation policy – moving towards a more ‘just society.”

Trudeau was a white man of privilege who could not see the systemic racism that dominated the lives of the original peoples. Either of the Trudeaus – father or son – did not know what it feels like to look differently. Racism is always possible when you look different whether you are eating, shopping for groceries, trying to get medical help or applying for a job. There can never be equality when people look down on you personally based on the colour of your skin.

Justin Trudeau has been talking about his most important relationship since he came into office in 2015. It is apparently with the “indigenous” people. This is important because Justin is copying from his late dad’s ongoing termination playbook. Justin always includes all three “indigenous” groups in his talks. He talks about programs that will benefit all three recognized aboriginal groups (First Nation, Inuit and Metis).

In order to see the disintegration of First Nation treaty or inherent rights, one has to see the big picture of what Canada is doing.
Canada rushed Bill C-92: An Act respecting First Nation, Inuit, Metis children, youth and families – informally called the “Indigenous Child Welfare and Family Act”. Canada was reeling from its losses at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal where Cindy Blackstock and the First Nation Caring Society had identified that foster care parents off reserve (predominantly non-First Nation) received more than First Nation foster care parents on reserve. This inequity had existed since the provinces began dispensing child welfare programs on reserve.

Canada stated that they could not immediately follow the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling on dispensing $40,000 per First Nation child because they wanted “fairness” in the awards that were to be made to children, parents or grandparents who would be eligible claimants because of this ruling.

Meanwhile Canada’s network of bureaucrats, were hastily writing Bill C-92 while Justin Trudeau was courting AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde with visions and promises of money, reform, funding, new laws, control and program dollars. So, it was about money.

Bill C-92 was rushed through the parliamentary process. First Nation treaty or sovereignty thinkers and leaders tried to make representations at the Senate hearings. These words fell on deaf ears. Every non-First Nation or token representative knew that Canada could be charged for discrimination in funding or in their genocidal application of the Indian Act. Canada would finally see the dreaded floodgates of litigation open bankrupting Canada. The federal government had to get ahead of this potential disaster and lead the gullible First Nations down the rabbit hole filling their heads with words like world’s greatest chief, a born leader and the clincher – “self-government.”

Bill C-92 became law in January of 2020 just as the Covid 19 Pandemic started hitting across Canada. First Nation reserves already isolated or removed from mainstream, were now rendered even more remote. Trudeau and his federal minions were planning how to let the Indians have the appearance of getting child welfare power when in fact they were getting nothing.

First of all, Canada did not allow funding to be addressed in Bill C-92. Worse, Canada had failed to apply Jordan’s Principle the funding of services by either level of government – federal or provincial without delay so that First Nation Indigenous children could live. But Canada remembered to put Jordan’s Principle into Bill C-92 so the new agreements would have this liability.

By February 2022, Bill C-92 case law is starting to develop. An Alberta group of people have self-declared and gained recognition of their “self-government” from the federal government. Is this the same federal government who has failed, since the 1983 First Minister’s conferences to recognize the inherent governance systems of the original First Nations of this land? But today Canada can recognize some hodgepodge of “indigenous” in northern Alberta and give them “self-governance” only two years after the passing of C-92? Not only did the federal government recognize their “self-government”, because Quebec denied that there is such a thing as Indigenous law, Canada, the noble country is taking this decision of the Quebec court of appeal to the Supreme Court to argue for “our Indigenous laws”.

First of all, Canada has just slapped every historic or hereditary First Nation leader across their collective faces, with this case.

The First Nations are distinct. They have land bases, ties to the Creator and land through language and ceremony that is specific to each First Nation. The Haudenosaunee have their Creation stories, languages, ceremonies and lodges. They do not decide for the plains Siouan tribes like the Iyahe Nakoda by the foothills or the Dakota in Sioux Valley.

There is specificity in language, territory, and the ways of working or living in harmony with the earth which are in fact the spiritual “laws” handed down by the Creator.

Canada has insulted every genuine First Nation leader and every distinct language speaker or traditional person who holds generational knowledge that is directly tied to the land. Canada is recognizing a willy-nilly group of pan-indigenous or non-status Indians and a metis as having “self-government”.

It is like putting together an Irish person, a German person, a Finnish person and some distinct African tribal peoples and saying: here is your land, you are self-governing and can make laws for your “collective grouping”. What does that mean?

For First Nations who have been carefully watching the Canadian government and the false promises passed from father to son, it is patently clear that there is absolutely no respect or understanding of reconciliation. There is only trickery, falsehoods, and outright lies meant to finally end the existence of the original First Nation peoples.

Canada keeps forgetting that we are part of this land. Our blood runs through the land and our languages flow like the rivers and waters that feed the earth. Canada cannot destroy us – only our own badly misguided people can do that. They are out and about right now, cheering on this victory of “self-governance”, completely misunderstanding the watering down of our true spiritual laws. These are not whiteman made words on paper subject to interpretation, these all the cosmic laws that hold harmony for all global peoples. For false First Nation “law” practitioners, there will be consequences.

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