HDI: Where is the money?

Back in February of 2006, the Haudenosaunee people could not have been stronger. We had people from the West, the East, the North, the South, all of us came together and stood against a developer and the governments saying “Enough is enough!”

I was at the fire that summer of 2006 when people spoke about how united we were. Enemies stood beside each other for one cause. We should be proud — and we were.

The bad thoughts we had for each other were gone and only the good ones remained. We had the government scared. They had to come up with something to break this unity. In the past they had tried disease, residential schools, mass genocide, but we are still here.

As I look back on 2006-2008 I think the government came up with a “BRAND NEW PLAN”: Break the HCCC and send in one of their own.

HDI came into effect. Now when it started, it was a good idea. The people were told they didn’t have to lay our lives on the line, be away from our families, we could go back to work and let HDI handle things. Well they handled things alright.

Nobody knows whats going on. When you question HDI they say “go to your chiefs we answer to HCCC, not the people.” But when you go to the HCCC they say “go to HDI”. Back at square one.

Where is the land they were supposed to get back? All I’m told is energy companies are going to develop it. There’s housing development popping up everywhere along the Grand River. HDI is now dealing with “dozens of companies”?

So where is the money?

Why do our elderly and disabled still have to buy medicine when it isn’t covered? Why are they still living without running water? Why do they not have a support system set up to help families when members need 24 hr care? All of these things and more could be set up for the people instead certain people are getting rich.

Has anyone wondered how much we pay Aaron Detlor in a year? Or Directors Hazel Hill and Brian Doolittle? Or HCCC, how much do they get paid per meeting?

If Chiefs and Clan Mothers are getting paid to sit in council, like Band Counsellors, they no longer have the people’s best interest at heart.

They no longer can fulfill the responsibilities they were stood up for because their pay cheque is the first thing on their minds, not their people.

This is evident in what took place in July’s council. Trying to make “a change in title” by picking another clan’s Clanmother. Really HCCC?

The Mohawks, Oneida, Seneca, and Onondaga Nations CANNOT decide who the Cayuga Wolf Clanmother is going to be. We have someone to take that role. We will do things the right way!

The Wyandot Nation did not meet with the Gayogoho:noh Otahyo:ni:, to address their concerns. We were surprised to hear this is what was happening at the longhouse. This is a Cayuga Wolf Clan issue. No other Nation or Clan can step in.

As for the woman who had issue with the lineage of some of our clan members. An adoption that took place 70 years ago with the HCCC of that era does matter.

We do have a voice, get your facts straight before making statements in public, at the longhouse. Start following protocol and have respect for our elders.

That sound decision was made in the late 1940’s concerning my family, never to be spoken of again. We now belong to the Gayogoho:no Nation.

With that being said now in 2016, instead of being a strong nation we now have clan mothers and chiefs disagreeing with each other. HCCC is going by the status quo instead of consensus — making decisions without the people and not listening.

Longhouse people and families are fighting with each other, arguing in longhouse, swearing and disrespecting each other, spreading rumours of dehorning a chief without just cause, and over what? The almighty dollar!

Stop and think about what is happening and why its happening!

If this is the “BRAND NEW PLAN” it’s working and we can lose everything. THINK ABOUT IT HCCC!




Gayogoho:noh Otahyo:ni:

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  1. so this guy thinks he other chiefs can not straighten out the house of one title family!!!!

    its not a popular wampum but it ” IS ” !!!!

  2. We have no obligation as indigenous people to be politically coherent. I alone decide what justice is, and how to obtain it. Just like Beauty and Happiness, it should never be delegated.

    HDI has become a vandal by claiming authority over all, while unable to prove its delegations of authority over anyone.

    As a canadian entity HDI has to stay in line with canadas constitution, however in 1924 canada stopped recognizing traditional governance, So HDI as a Canadian entity also can not see the Traditional governance. But yet it uses this ambiguity of representation to claim authority and consultation requirements for the canadian governments.

    1. i understand you calm the clan of title family of???????
      you speak with your chief often?????
      your clanmother is visited often as well????


  3. I sent you a letter which I was not allowed to read at the AFN in Niagara..so here it is. I sent you a copy but heard nothing back. I have “SERVED” the SUB-MINISTER on the Tuesday of the AFN in front of CBC cameras. I served the “RIGHT OF FIRST LIEN”. will you support me now?

    Excuse Me!!

    Before you get any further into this macavalian meeting I have a few words to say. (if challenged……..I am an elder and more importantly, a beneficiary.)

    First, I will introduce myself, I am ninigiwaydinnoong of the Chippawa Nation and my small land mass, under Chippawa control is in a place known as Port Colborne some 20 minutes away and not part of THE ONTARIO or THE CANADA. As a matter of fact, HER MAJESTY’S ROYAL MAIL known to you as CANADA POST, recognizes my mailing address as Turtle Island / Canada.

    It says here, opening remarks from the local chief! They must mean me

    I know there is no local chief here or I’d be on the agenda. Remember I am of the Chippawa Nation and where you are holding this gathering has always been Chippawa Lands so where is the Chippawa chief?

    I see that the layout of this gathering has its priorities straight….. golf game and ending up with climate Action and we know that most will not be there for the really important part of the climate action portion because many start to leave early on the third day.

    FEDERAL LAW….. okay for CANADIANS but I am not a CANADIAN! Neither are some one million others like me and maybe you.

    The INDIAN ACT is known world wide as a paper on genocide. Don’t have to believe me just research it yourselves. I would assist you.

    As for FEDERAL, it is TRUSTEE to us not government. Everyone of us Indians falls under the Indian TRUST which was established through treaty over some 300 years ago. After that, subsequent regimes have done everything possible to cover this TRUST over.

    We can not have any treaties with THE CANADA because it was already made with the BRITISH CROWN and THE CANADA is the current TRUSTEE. It states most clearly that with the treaty, 1/3rd of all rewards (monies etc) made from the lands and waters (air was not there because there were no airplanes) would go to the Indians, 1/3rd to the CROWN and 1/3rd to the COLONIES!

    Now, the PROVINCIAL CORPORATIONS, yes CORPORATIONS want you to share land with THEM. Make a new and modern deal. This gives THEM an extra 1/6th and erodes our share to 1/6th from 1/3rd…… I do not see the logic in doing this !!!!

    As for MINISTERS. First, the INDIAN AFFAIRS MINISTER is a SUB-TRUSTEE reporting back to the TRUSTEE, the PMO. I myself want to see the abolishment of the PROVINCIAL CORPORATE OFFICES of INDIAN AFFAIRS and the main body reduced to under 90 workers of which 60 would be Indians.

    This gathering benefits the TRUSTEE as well as pay IT a huge fee from our funds. This is a criminal action since the TRUSTEE may not receive benefits from a TRUST. The EXECUTOR here, THE CROWN is always mysteriously absent and that is why I am in the process of having both the EXECUTOR and the TRUSTEE appear in International Criminal Court for defrauding the beneficiaries of the TRUST and aside from the EXECUTOR, the other beneficiaries are we Indians.

    I am calling for removal of THE CROWN as EXECUTOR and to replace the TRUSTEE the PMO with a completely different body who will not cheat us and have both the EXECUTOR and TRUSTEE put back (with comound interest) that which THEY have taken over and above what THEY should had received.

    I do not know why you hold pipe ceremonies then continue the day with ways to defeat our peoples.

    I want to change the role of the CHIEF and COUNCIL from employees of the TRUSTEE to proxi beneficiaries of their people. It is something our forefathers knew and practiced but somehow we have been dimmed to these ways…………

    You speak on murdered girls and women but know this, the way to rid yourself of a population is to abolish the gender that carries new life.

    You speak on pipelines and TPP.. I say put an end to it. The CORPORATION of THE CANADA is open to law-suits if IT fowls up on International contracts with other CORPORATIONS. I say, use THEIR own system against THEM. Invoke ……. “RIGHT OF FIRST LIEN”…… THEIR BANKS do it all the time. The outstanding balance of the Indian TRUST stands at over 71 Trillion Dollars making us the biggest creditor and certainly the oldest. In this way, if any CORPORATION wishes to take CANADA to COURT…….line up because until this debt owed to us Indians is paid down, no one else receives a cent.

    I am now invoking the RIGHT of FIRST LIEN on THE CANADA / THE CROWN and the alleged country of Canada.

    Alleged country? Yes… for Canada to this day still has no Constitution. In 1984, TRUDEAU was repatriating the alleged Constitution. How can you repatriate something that does not exist in the first place??? Just like TRUDEAU signed away the Bank of Canada to the ROTHCHILDS in 1972 and placed Canada into serious financial debt. This TRUDEAU today wants to sent CANADIAN TROOPS over to RUSSIA.

    How long before you think HE will not do the same if we decide THEIR time is up and change the TRUSTEE and anyone who in the past that has sucked up to the TRUSTEE will find that they were in a dream world because THE CANADA has no more loyalty to them than it does to the rest of us Indians.


    In 2003, I started A T F. The idea stemmed from the need to regulate Native made tobacco products. I am also the man who gave Putter’s Its name and introduced Larry Skidders to Germany.

    I saw a need for not only the Native side to go through such an organization but the CANADIAN side as well. ATF is not a CORPORATE and not “UNDER” any of the CORPORATE LAWS. Instead, … respect…. respect for other economies and how sudden impacts can do more harm than good. On July 5th of this year, ATF made Its first major move and CANADA can either get on board this train or fall by the wayside. There will be no ADMIRALTY LAW on these lands. No LAW of COMMERCE and no LEGAL EASE or FICTION. That means we no longer will need LAWYIARS. Yes LAWYIARS for that is what all LAWYERS do best…. LIE so merge the two words and bring out the true meaning of the role… L A W Y I A R S.

    In my efforts to expand my knowledge base, ATF has recovered concrete evidence that Indians do not need DRIVER”S LICENSES or CORPORATE INSURANCES and in that retrospect, neither do 1/8th of Canada’s People .

    Instead, ATF has devised ID cards and automobile / motorcycle and recreational modes of transport plates. Tied to a central data bank and being made available to “authorities”, it is designed to assist and not control our peoples and to some extent, free the people of CANADA.

    Do you not realize that the only thing standing between freedom for mankind to live in harmony as opposed to a complete take-over by BANKS and very selfish beings, (which includes CORPORATE HEADS and THEIR minions the LAWYIARS and POLITICIANS) is US…. We Indians…..We the Original Peoples……

    By the way, in my 61 years here on this planet, I have not seen one benefit owed to me nor has my brother and sister, my mother and her siblings or their children. How about your peoples?

    How much of the Indian TRUST is being wasted on this gathering?

    Allow me to rewrite your agenda. Monday, CHIEFS’ COMMITTEE Meetings

    Citizen’s Speak Forum? NO

    (beneficiaries’s challenge forum)

    for I am no CITIZEN and neither are other Indians.

    Leadership development…..you mean leaders right? Not CHIEFS?


    Tradeshow under CORPORATE CANADA or under the LAWS of the Individual Nations taking part in this gathering?

    After Lunch…. scrap all of it… Does not apply. Our own Peace keeping forces will protect our families and executing those who want to diminish our population will handle the rest.

    As for the rest… you all know that there is no time to address this oversized plate which is why I called it a MACAVALLIAN MEETING commonly known as AGENDA 21. A few will get what THEY want and the rest of you can go to HELL for all THEY care. Am I being too frank? Remember, I am an elder and not too worried about political correctness because I do not hold politics in high regard.

    As for everything else… remove CORPORATIONS like DEBEERS and so forth, have our own peoples develop non CORPORATE industry and each Nation take care of Its own and help out where and when possible.

    As for Native Health…….. re-establish our meaning for life and rekindle the spark in the eyes of our people and you will have health.

    A Dream you say!

    This is how we lived for over 20,000 years people.

    and we are taking it back.

  4. It’s easy to see how this is going to resolve itself. It’s about using our sovereignty to become self-sustainable and lead the way for the world and be an example of what life could be like.


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