Demons blow off the Blizzard 18-10

BARRIE – The Ohsweken Demons, with Travis Hill working the bench duties, had their way with the Barrie Blizzard Sunday afternoon, both on the floor and in the ally, in Barrie. 

When the fur stopped flying, the Demons finished off the Blizzard 18-10.

Ian Martin, Chris Attwood and Josh Johnson built a 3-0 lead before Barrie found twine behind Jake Henhawk, who earned second star for a great two-way game. Stopping balls is expected but setting up scoring chances with long and perfect passes is that little extra Henhawk brings to the arena every game.

Chris Attwood led the Demons with six goals while Wayne VanEvery collected four.

Roger Vyse made his debut as well for the Demons.

There has been a mid-season retooling of the last place Barrie Blizzard, both behind and on the bench.

New to the Blizzard are Wenster Greene and Mark White while taking over as head coach is Brad McArthur. Other changes have also taken place in response to Barrie’s poor start this season as the franchise brass tries to shake things up to salvage the season.

Wes McDonald, Scott Gamble and Geoff Griffiths came over to the Blizz from the Durham Turfdogs in exchange for Jason Mainer and Cal Kitson. None of these three were in the lineup, Sunday.

Meanwhile, Travis Hill put the suit on along with general manager Tony Styres and filled in for Randy Chrysler and his regular bench crew who were away on other business.

It turned into a rough affair that bubbled over late in the game, when VanEvery was jumped in front of the Demon’s bench. It was during a line change so there were more players on the floor than normal when things erupted. The dust-up spilled into the stands when a Barrie fan tried to get at the Demons players from behind the bench. Some players tried to climb the glass to get at the fan, who was eventually moved out of the area by other Barrie fans.

Another battle broke out in almost the same place, within the last minute of the game, but cooler heads prevailed this time.

Wayne VanEvery was not pleased with penalties, or the fights.

“With 16 players (dressed) you can’t afford to lose anybody,” he said after the game.

On Friday, Feb. 28th, at 8 pm, the top two teams go facemask to facemask as the Niagara Lock Monsters take on the Demons at the ILA.

Southwest Cyclops take over the ILA Saturday to take on the Blizzard, Saturday, March 1, at 8 pm.

The Demons will be on the road Saturday as they move into the GM Centre to see the Turfdogs.

Four of the league’s top 5 goal scorers are Demons. Wayne VanEvery, Attwood, Tom Montour and Josh Johnson all collected points Sunday.

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