Rebels dominate Bengals 24-3

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Bengals didn’t know what hit them Friday night at the Dave Andrechuk arena when the Six Nations Rebels unleashed its power on the host team with a 24-3 bombardment.

It was a matter of fattening up individual statistics and trying to remain sharp against a team that offered little more than token resistance.

Hamilton goalies Keaton Dale and Matthew Crocker combined to face the relentless pressure put on by Six Nations that led to them taking 62 shots in total.

The Rebels walked to a 9-1 first period lead, and a 12-2 score after two periods.

In the third period, frustration, and maybe a little embarrassment in being hammered in front of a home crowd, turned the Bengals attention from the scoreboard as bad tempers took centre stage. That only made a bad situation worse giving the Rebel special teams far too many opportunities, which Six Nations took full advantage of with an 11-1 third period. Six Nations scored three powerplay goals and a couple of shorthanded markers.

Sixty-eight points were spread between, Layne Smith (3G,5A), Jacob Bomberry (2G,6A), Zach and Zed Williams (2G,5A), Mitch Green (3G,3A), Dallas John (2G,4A), Kyler Isaacs (2G,3A), Kessler Doolittle (2G,2A), Travis Longboat (1G,3A), Tanner Baldin (3A), Timothy Johnson (1G,2A), Alex Henry (2G), Danton Miller (1G,1A), Rickey Smith (1G), Alex Martin (1A), and goalie Chase Martin (1A).

The schedule has been merciless for the Bengals who have to face the Rebels again May 30th, at the ILA.

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