Rebels sweep round one

SIX NATIONS – Two game sheets were needed at the timer’s bench to handle the Six Nations Rebels’ 23-5 devastation of the visiting Welland Generals, Friday night at the ILA. The Rebels took round one of the playoffs three games straight. Rookie Layne Smith scored the first of six goals he would accumulate before the final buzzer at 2:08, assisted by Danny Miller and Timothy Johnson. From that point on it was a massacre. The Rebels led 7-0 after 20 minutes of play, and 18-1 after 40. 

14-year-old goaltending phenom, Briley Miller, was given the last 8 minutes of the game replacing Chase Martin to gain some floor time and Jr. B experience. He allowed three goals on seven shots, but it made no difference in the outcome.

“It’s like the regular season. We just got better and better as the season went on and the same with the playoffs,” said coach Murray Porter comparing Game 3 to Game 1, which the Rebels had to work hard to win. “It was a lack-luster Game 1 but we put a solid effort into Game 2 and tonight we played I think the best game of the season. It was a dominating performance and a good way to launch us into the second round.”

Layne Smith got the goal scoring started at 2:08, and recorded the last Six Nations goal of the game at 18:00 of the third as well, but in between he scored four more for a personal best six goal night, plus an assist.

Porter really doesn’t care who the Rebels will face in round 2, just bring ‘em on! “Whoever we get we will be ready for him, but the first game will likely be here (ILA) Thursday,” he says.

This series against Welland has emphasized how deep Porter’s team really is:

“We have a couple of guys hurt and a couple guys missing here and there and our depth shows in every game. Look at tonight, Layne Smith comes up and scores six goals. The game before Zed William had six goals.”

Layne Smith, a first year Rebel, has been steadily improving every game and earned an important role with the team.

“That feels pretty good,” Smith said following the game. “I feel like I’m where I need to be and starting to find my groove for the playoffs.”
Because his team decisively won the series, he feels he has gained a lot of confidence in his team and in his own abilities.

“It really helped me out getting used to the Jr. B level,” Smith says. “The older guys have helped me out a lot. It’s been a really good experience. I’m pretty excited about getting the next series started. I wanna play somebody right now.”

Through the first round three game sweep, the Rebels outscored Welland 55-19.

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