The Barrie Blizzard spoiled the Ohsweken Demons’ perfect season

The Barrie Blizzard spoiled the Ohsweken Demons’ perfect season in their last game before the playoffs, at the ILA Saturday night in a surprising 16-14 win over the first place Demons.

Jake Lazore was in the Demons net and didn’t have a particularly great game while the Blizzard gave every drop through all four quarters, and, in a nutshell, that was the game.

Tom Montour thought he had opened the scoring with a goal that fully celebrated until it was called back being scored on a delayed Ohsweken penalty. That was how the ball seemed to be bouncing for the Demons all game.

Barrie was the official first goal with a shot off a defender behind Lazor.

Barrie scored again before the end of the fits quarter to end it 2-1 in Barrie’s favour.

It was a seesaw battle all night. Every time the Demons seemed to be gaining some momentum, the Blizzard answered the threat almost right away. The trend continued to the half, which ended 5-4 for the visitors.

Ohsweken could not get any sustained traction against the blizzard in the second half either, as the third quarter ended 10-10.

As in the last Demons’ home game, there seemed to be a lot of confusion with the referees about the rules, specific to C-Lax game,

Chris Attwood scored the 11-10 goal for the demons to open the Forth Quarter, but on the same play, Murray Porter was called for a moving pick before the goal went in.

Blizzard’s Caleb Wiles was awarded a penalty shot which he netted for the tying 11-11 goal. Under C-Lax rules, there is no stacking of penalties. If there are two men already in the penalty box, any subsequent penalties are awarded a penalty shot.

Wiles scored again at 12:46 to once again give the Blizzard the lead. And once again the Demons answered with Roger Vyse blasting an outside shot to the top corner of the net to tie it at 12-12.

Martin Whittaker and Chris Attwood traded goals to make it 13-13. Jonas Derks scored his third of the game for the 14-13 score but this time, the Demons could not respond.

With three mionutes left Whittaker scored again to open a two goal lead, then with a minute left Whittaker did it again and it was 16-13. Ken Aaron scored the Demons last goal with 34 seconds remaining, but that would be all for the Ohsweken.

The loss may serve to be a playoff wake up call for the Demons who, until Saturday, night didn’t feel the sting of a loss.

Playoffs begin Sunday March 30th. Schedules to come.

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