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  • Growing thick skin2

    The morning of my double mastectomy the sun was shining. It was a beautiful morning and the summer sun was reflecting off the dewy grass, glistening across Hamilton mountain. I waited for that day anxiously after my doctor confirmed Ductal Carcinoma In Situ was growing in my right breast. A panel of experts at McMaster

  • Joyful Noise0

    Laughter is the best medicine as they say, and seems to be the elixir of choice for many Ongwehon:we. A few years ago we were invited to a birthday party for our ‘cousints’ the Martins. If you have never heard a Martin laugh you haven’t heard the music of pure joy, let alone a house

  • Resistance5

    Aunty Emily took my Dad and Uncle in when they were young to work on her farm. Among other jobs, they were responsible for cleaning up after the pigs. Imagine walking into a stall and finding bwoot six inches deep. It is literally a pile of you-know-what. The dung was compacted so tough it was

  • Shiyloh7

    There is a sorrowful place in my heart this week. Last Saturday, my niece Shiyloh Hill fell from her bedroom window while playing with a friend. She was ten years old and the fall was one from which she would never recover. Shiyloh loved to laugh. One time she put a plastic eyeball in my

  • Ganigohiyo0

    For every day that passes by, from about mid-July to the end of August, my twelve year old daughter gives me detailed lists about what she requires for back to school. She is one of those young people who loves to be prepared. I, on the other hand, am a radical believer in Indian Time.

  • Dance Responsibly3

    The year Gramma Rovina got sick, we went to longhouse. We were sitting on the bench together, my Onondaga Beaver grandmother keeping me right under her wings, and it came time to dance. I didn’t know she was sick. And for some reason when the women got up to dance she didn’t join in. I timidly stayed by her side, unsure of what to do. The women danced right past me and Gramma scolded me…”go on, get out there!”