Introduction to Scone Dogs & Seed Beads

An amazing opportunity has presented itself to me in the last few weeks.  And that is, to etch out a place here in the Two Row Times for us to discuss a part of our Haudenosaunee living culture; our artistic expression.

Whether you create beadworks, carvings, pottery, paint, or dance each week there will be a story or discussion on what’s happening in the Haudenosaunee “art-o-sphere”.

One thing that already exists in abundance is educational articles that try to give the basics to the non-indigenous community.

It is easy enough to pull up a Google search on “what is the smoke dance” or “what does a ribbon shirt look like”?  Those stories have been written.

My goal is for us to get technical and unafraid of talking shop. For example, what is the difference between English beading needles and the ones made in Japan?  How come it’s so controversial to dance Esganye at a pow wow?

And why is it nearly impossible to find good purple beads? As we discover the cultural topography of our Confederacy, we become full.

That goes for all aspects of the culture, not just the Arts. From gardening and medicines, to who can make the best scone of them all, I am interested in telling these stories, and as we learn together we will bloom.

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