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  • Initiating the white man0

    It’s an exciting time for rez families when a non-native person is seeking initiation. It is the proverbial turned table of colonization, and it typically begins a very long process of humiliation for the non-native person. How you ask? We tease them. And then we re-tell the story of their humiliation over and over like a war story to all our other Ongwehowe friends and relatives and then they all laugh too. Non-native friends take note: in most cases if you’ve made it this far…you’re in.

  • If I never had to wash another dish0

    You know those hard times when it’s a “whatever’s-left-in-the-cupboard-is-what’s-for-dinner” kind of night? That’s what’s cooking in my household this month. For lunch today my daughter and I shared a tin of beans warmed in the microwave.

  • Dance Responsibly3

    The year Gramma Rovina got sick, we went to longhouse. We were sitting on the bench together, my Onondaga Beaver grandmother keeping me right under her wings, and it came time to dance. I didn’t know she was sick. And for some reason when the women got up to dance she didn’t join in. I timidly stayed by her side, unsure of what to do. The women danced right past me and Gramma scolded me…”go on, get out there!”

  • Introduction to Scone Dogs & Seed Beads0

    An amazing opportunity has presented itself to me in the last few weeks.  And that is, to etch out a place here in the Two Row Times for us to discuss a part of our Haudenosaunee living culture; our artistic expression. Whether you create beadworks, carvings, pottery, paint, or dance each week there will be