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  • Two Row Times on Talking Radical Radio0

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    On this week’s episode of Talking Radical Radio, publisher Jonathan Garlow talks about a new newspaper and website inspired by a new moment of indigenous resurgence in Canada and around the globe.

  • Awenda provincial park reclamation continues0

    TINY TOWNSHIP: A reclamation of Awenda Provincial Park is now entering its 19th month. Organizers have formed a grassroots connection with neighboring Springwater Provincial Park which has also been occupied by members of Beausoleil First Nation.

    “We began as a result of the illegal surrenders of our Inherent Rights and Traditional Territories along with the policies and laws enforced upon our people where the Chippewa Tri Council and Canada are in breach of the 1764 Niagara Covenant Chain Belt” explains Kai Kai Kons, a spokesperson for the camp.

  • Home(r) of Brothers in Christ

    Home(r) of Brothers in Christ0

    In ancient Greece and Rome, the concept of hospitality was considered to be a guest’s divine right and the host’s divine duty. Other cultures also followed such hospitality relationships though they referred to these relationships by other names. During the time of Homer, strangers (without any exception) were protected by Zeus Xenios who was the