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On this week’s episode of Talking Radical Radio, publisher Jonathan Garlow talks about a new newspaper and website inspired by a new moment of indigenous resurgence in Canada and around the globe.

“Two Row Times is a new, free weekly newspaper and a website being produced out of the Haudenosaunee territory at Six Nations. It publishes original reporting across the local, regional, and continental scales. Yet it is also rooted in a place and a history — rather than taking a general “First Nations” perspective or a pan-indigenous standpoint, it is clearly grounded in Haudenosaunee (also known as Iroquois) understandings and histories of struggle. This includes the treaty and the teaching from which it takes its name: The Two Row Wampum is an articulation of the proper and originally agreed-upon relationship between indigenous peoples and settlers, which emphasizes the centrality of co-operation and partnership in combination with autonomy and non-interference. Garlow, a Haudenosaunee man and resident of Six Nations, is the publisher of this new venture. I talk with him about his understanding of the grounding and purpose of the project, about the great things they’ve accomplished in their months of publishing so far, about their current Indiegogo fundraising campaign, and about their big plans for the future.”

(source) Talking Radical Radio is brought to you by Scott Neigh, a writer, media producer, and activist based in Sudbury, Ontario

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