15th Annual Smoke Dance Competition at Woodland

BRANTFORD – The Woodland Cultural Centre hosted the 15th Annual Smoke Dance Competition on the grounds of the centre on Saturday, October 7.

There were lawn chairs filled of family, friends and spectators as dancers performed to songs sung by Singer Cam Hill and enjoyed laughs and enthusiasm from MC Dexter Jimerson.

Congratulations to all participating dancers and special congratulations to:

Junior Girls Category: Caye John for first place and Tilia Skye for second place.

Junior Boys Category: Caias John for first place and Roger Antone for second place.

Teen Girls Category: Grayce Anderson for first place, Laniya Antone for second place and Courtney Doolittle for third place.

Teen Boys Category: Frank Wesaw for first place, Ascension Harjo for second place and Gawidroha Thomas for third place.

Womens Category: Kanyatha Ireland for first place, Lori Skye for second place and Wynona Ireland for third place.

Mens Category: Duey Longboat for first place, Joe Martin for second place and Mason Sands for third place.

All Tiny Tot Category dancers received goodie bags for their participation.

The showcase experience of Haudenosaunee culture was a sight to behold, and the success of the competition is hoped to carry on in the future.

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