APTN to premiere a new offbeat Canadian sitcom: Delmer & Marta

From APTN’s award-winning sketch comedy series CAUTION: May Contain Nuts, comes everybody’s favourite rez couple, Delmer and Marta, in a new workplace sitcom of their very own.

APTN and Mosiac Entertainment presents their new offbeat Canadian sitcom, Delmer & Marta, following the couple’s adjustment moving from the rez to the (fictional) prairie city of Morningside, Alberta. While Marta lives out her daytime television dreams as the new host of the local morning news show, Good Morning Morningside, her fun-loving and endearing Delmer bides his time supporting his lady and helping out the morning show team as much as he can.

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Indigenous comedians lead a diverse cast of characters in APTN’s new sitcom, while maintaining the key creative roles as the show’s co-creators and writers. Delmer & Marta stars the multi-talented Sheldon Elter (Métis from Grand Prairie in Northern Alberta) as goofy and ever loyal Delmer.

Sheldon is an actor, writer, stand-up comic, musician and director whose other television credits includes Hank WilliamsFirst Nation, CAUTION: May Contain Nuts, and Hell on Wheels on AMC. His one-man show, Métis Mutt, which he has toured across Canada and internationally, has won him two Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards. His other theatre credits include Tartuffe, Sound of Music, Enron, Beowulf, Nevermore, Julius Caesar, A Prairie Boy’s Winter and Vimy, on top of a number of Shakespeare plays.

As a musician, he made it to the top 14 finalist on Canadian Idol in 2006, and is a founding and core member of the ukulele rock band The Be Arthurs. In 2015 he was honoured to be a part of the National Arts Centre English Theatre Ensemble. Sheldon gets a chance to let his musical talents shine in Delmer & Marta.

In the long standing tradition of men playing women in comedy, Howie Miller (Cree from Edmonton, Alberta) stars as the lady with big love, Marta. Howie recently brought his stand-up comedy to American television in the Showtime special No Reservations Needed and has made appearances all over Canadian television.

He has been featured in numberous CBC specials including the Winnipeg Comedy Festival: Welcome to Turtle Island 1 & 2, CBC’s Alberta Comedy Spectacular and in his own comedy special Comedy Now Presents Howie Miller. He is also a regular on CBC’s radio show The Debaters.

Delmer & Marta also features legendary Kids in the Hall alumni Kevin McDonald as Marta’s quirky boss Creston, with a special guest appearance by Dave Foley as Creston’s boss. Rounding out the cast is Heartland star Shaun Johnston as Delmer and Marta’s next-door neighbour Tom.

In addition to the show, Delmer & Marta fans can engage in a new interactive web app, Delmer & Marta On Love and Money, which launched on Valentine’s Day. The app works like a digital Magic 8 Ball with Delmer and Marta hilariously answering all your questions in love and finance.

In conjunction with the series premiere on APTN happening Wednesday, March 9 at 10pm ET, Sheldon Elter and Howie Miller will also launch their YouTube channel featuring their web-based travelogue companion series: Delmer & Marta Do The West! In the six episodes in this series, stars Delmer and Marta will visit landmarks all across Alberta to learn about everything from the mating habits of plains bison, to how to stop a mine cart, to how to smoke sausage and jerky.

From the creation of two beloved characters on a comedy sketch series to unleashing a series of multi-platform digital content, Sheldon Elter and Howie Miller have brought Delmer & Marta to a whole new level of stardom.

Visit the show’s website at www.delmerandmarta.com

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Delmer & Marta Do The West! on APTN’s YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/user/APTNtv

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