Singer Lacey Hill amplifying the frequency of love

SIX NATIONS – Six Nations Artist Lacey Hill held a showing of old and new songs from her latest album titled, M at the Grand River Employment and Training Centre (GREAT) theatre.

Friends, family and fans were able to support her as she played songs with deep meaning and soul backed by two guitarists at the event on Sunday, March 5.

Hill said she really feels “good about this album”.

“I feel like it’s a little ball of fire just waiting to catch wind,” said Hill. “[All of the songs] are meaningful, and I’ve asked other people ‘which one is your favourite song?’ And each person will tell me a different one, so that tells me the whole album is good.”

From “Wind-N-Feather” to “Had Me @ Hello”, Hill’s songs offer a selection of feel good melodies, but there is much more beneath the surface.

“This CD came out and it’s my second album; 528, Volume 2 and it’s called M,’” said Hill. “It’s dedicated to my partner M, who passed away not too long ago.”

Hill explained that 528 is the measured frequency emitted by love, and the feather on the cover of her album was designed by her younger sister to help her never forget her partner “M”.

“I wrote these songs as kind of like a demonstration of our relationship pretty much, like when we fell in love, when we were deeply finding each other and really connecting,” she said. “We were together for six years.”

Out of the loss of her partner, Hill explained that she found the message for her work in this album.

“I feel like [this album] is a closing to a chapter,” said Hill. “It’s been a lot of processing and a lot of writing and a lot of figuring out; even when it comes to transitions in the song and what I want to have my message to be.”

Hill explained that the main meaning behind her album is addressing grief, and how out of grief can also come positivity.

“There’s always a positive thing that can come out of that, and it’s about finding our way to that positive piece of it and it just so happens that it’s this album for me,” she said. “I’m able to use [music] as a coping mechanism to help me move forward in my life.”

“Even though that is a bad time for me, I’m still here and unfortunately she’s not, but that’s why I have to live a little harder because I have that opportunity and it’s a blessing.”

Surrounded by support within the theatre, she sold copies of her album after her showing and received a good response. She explained that she believes the message behind her album is something that should be more openly discussed as well.

“To perform it, to get these messages out and talk about it, and to discuss and not be afraid to discuss these things because they’re really deep; I feel like our community needs to just talk about those things.”

If you missed out on her live showings, Hill is hoping to perform in Toronto in the near future, just keep posted by finding her on Facebook. If you would like to hear her new album; it is available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

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