Bored at home during self isolation? Here’s some tips

Doug Ford announced on Monday that our stays at home will be extended by two weeks. This means that we can’t use the same rotation of excuses to avoid getting caught up on creative projects, or work that we’ve been pushing aside.

For me, I turned to beadwork.

I did this not just out of boredom, but because I couldn’t announce ‘I’m too tired,’ whilst turning on Netflix, after working at my laptop in the four walls of home and eating Mr. Noodles to avoid society all day.

Thus I machined through painting a canvas and adding beadwork, then multiple sets of beaded earrings and finally, a beaded collar for my dog — methinks my little rez’ mutt is spoiled.

In short, all of this work was inspired months ago, I just couldn’t hop to it because of that hearty handful of excuses. As well, my ideas were like a reaching sequoia, but my gumption to do it was snail height.

And I know, even just from my friend group, that extroverts are losing their minds while introverts are relishing in the time to themselves across the province.

So, if you’re not into beadwork — which you might be, but craft stores aren’t essential businesses so I wouldn’t advise going out and grab supplies, but you could order online — I’ve compiled a list of things to do while staying as safe as a button on an old shirt in your closet.

Podcasts: Do you want to get caught up on chores? Podcasts are great because you can listen to them while dong anything. Running, slinking out to grab essentials, cooking, cleaning, driving— and it’s an opportunity to learn something new, catch up on current events, or laugh when the only other option would be music or silence. They can spice up an evening of that house work, or creative activities like painting or drawing and you’re actually learning something too, to pass the time.

Read: This one is such a whammy because everyone has books that they haven’t read gathering dust on a shelf at home. So remember that book that you bought because people wouldn’t stop recommending it, the same one you picked off of the rack and never picked up again once you got home? You now have time to grab it up and read it without excuses.

Self-care: Have you been neglecting moisturizer, face scrubs and your nails? Schedule yourself a self-care day where you take care of all of that luxurious stuff. Make some tea, draw yourself a bath, and take care of what you normally skip because bed time is prime time.

Clean out your wardrobe: this tip isn’t one I would want to suggest, but seriously, the pants you wore in grade eight are falling apart (@me).

Netflix and chill: If you’re finding yourself with a warped sleeping pattern now that days blend together and nothing makes sense anymore, get yourself a new streaming service. The few that I would recommend include HayU, Crunchyroll — which doubled by teaching me basic Japanese, Disney Plus and Shudder. In fact, I just signed up for Shudder because I love the horror genre, to the dismay of many of my family members (zany face emoji).

There are tons, tons of tips online, but these were just my favourites. I mean you could teach yourself how to knit, how to bake and all of that stuff, but you’d probably need to leave your home for supplies. However, YouTube is a great place to start if you want to teach yourself a new skill.

Happy isolation period!

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