Commemorative moccasin vamps on display in Parry Sound

The national exhibit, Walking With Our Sisters, which honours Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women in a [tweetable]stunning array of over 1700 donated moccasin vamps[/tweetable], will make its Ontario debut this week. Parry Sound’s Tower Hill Museum will host the memorial from January 10-26th, 2014.

“Interest in the exhibit is gaining momentum,” says Tracy Pawis whose gallery, Gzaagin, is spearheading the Parry Sound visit, “I’ve had correspondence from a woman in the UK who wants to come to Parry Sound while the exhibit is here. And visitors to my gallery have been donating to the cause.”

In Canada, it is estimated that more than [tweetable]600 Indigenous women and girls have gone missing or have been murdered in the last 20 years[/tweetable] alone. In response to this issue, 1,725 pairs of moccasin tops have been created by 1,372 caring and concerned people in honor and memory of Indigenous women and girls who have gone missing or been murdered. This large collaborative art piece premiered in Edmonton on October 2nd where 2,200 people attended over the 11 day period. It is currently booked to tour more than 30 locations across Canada and the United States, over the next six years into 2019.

A [tweetable]sunrise ceremony will be held Friday January 10 at the Tower Hill Museum[/tweetable] to honour the memorial at 6:30am.

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