“What they gave us” to be at AGO, Inuit artist duo to showcase their art work at the Art Gallery of Ontario

TORONTO — In accordance with Indigenous History Month in Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) will be showcasing the work of Inuit artists Kenojuak Ashevak and her nephew Timotee (Tim) Pitsiulak from June 16 to August 12, with the public showing taking place on July 13.

The title of the collection is Tunirrusiangit, meaning “what they gave us” in Innuktitut, as Ashevak’s vivid prints and drawings will blend with Pitsulak’s pencil drawings depicting northern wildlife.

Ashevak is known as the “grandmother of Inuit art” and is famous for the storytelling in her craft. Pitsulak was heavily inspired by Ashevak, and this is the first time Pitsulak’s work will be shown in a major gallery and it also the first exhibition from the new Canadian and Indigenous Art department with the AGO.

“Ashevak and Pitsiulak represent two generations of Inuit artists who have challenged viewers to respond to their art and the Inuit world view in new ways. The exhibition will be the first time Inuit art is showcased in the AGO’s largest exhibition space, the Sam & Ayala Zacks Pavilion,” wrote the gallery online. “The exhibition will feature key art works and sketches by each artist, enabling visitors to appreciate the strength of drawing as an expression of Inuit cultural heritage that engages everyday life at its deepest level.”

The beautiful display is hoped to be a marker for the summer and hoped to challenge perspectives on the power of Inuit artwork.

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