Noise for Toys fills truckloads

“Seeing both communities come together and make a difference this year was the best Christmas present I’ve ever received and one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen, I can’t wait for next year,” Logan Staats.

BRANTFORD — The first Annual Noise for Toys Toy Drive took place last Friday evening at the Sanderson Centre.

An energetic crowd rallied to enjoy the live performance of Logan Staats, who performed with the Geoff Hudson Band for the first time locally, and to bring together donations for kids in need this Christmas.

Roughly 400 to 450 people attended the live event and three truckloads of toys were donated and gathered to help brighten the holidays for families in need.

“Every person brought at least one toy,” said Staats. “And I’m hoping to help drop these toys off while rocking a Santa suit.”

Through the toy drive, Staats was able to perform live for his local fan base once again and he explained that the Sanderson Centre used to make him “shake like a leaf.” But now, the centre has become a piece of home for him, and the pride he felt in being able to bring together two communities for the event was overwhelming.

“I was just really pleased with how it went,” he said. “I’m just so proud of both communities coming together to do something really great and it really was the best Christmas present that I could ever ask for was seeing both communities working together in tandem to make some kids happy.”

After speaking with Six Nations Elected Council Chief Ava Hill, Staats has decided on several places to drop off some of the toys.

“I think majority of the toys will be going to different foster care organizations and we’re gonna send some to Ontario Works for less fortunate families, and I’m going to be doing a thing on Facebook where a family that you think might need the toys can get nominated.”

But he is still open to suggestion as this is the first year of the toy drive and it’s success has garnered need for more ideas.

“We still have a little bit of time before Christmas, so if anyone has any ideas on where to send some of these toys because we got so many, just DM me on Facebook or Instagram with some ideas — I could really use some help in deciding where else to send some of these.”

Don’t be shy to reach out and take part in the Facebook nominations as they come!

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