Geocaching – the world’s largest treasure hunt

By Laura Hill

Hunting for treasure isn’t a task found only in fiction anymore – with geocaching anyone around the world can participate in a game of hide-and-seek-the-object, so long as they have a GPS or mobile device at hand.

How does it work? says the outdoor recreational activity involves following a set of coordinates to uncover a hidden object, usually a container (also known as the geocache) with a logbook where the player can record their name and the date and time they found the item. Sometimes different treasures are left for players to find, generally smaller objects that have some sort of sentimental value. Geocaches are typically hidden in public places like parks, on walking trails, and more. Players are encouraged to follow the rules by leaving the geocache where they found it so that the next player can participate, or leaving something of equal or greater value.

Ready to play? Coordinates for geocaches can be found by registering for a free account at You can type in your location (tip: Brantford has hundreds of geocaches hidden around the city), select a geocache listed on the map, enter the coordinates into your GPS device (found in most mobile devices), and use your GPS to help you find hidden treasure! Make sure to sign the logbook when you find items – that way people will know you have been there. You can also share geocaching stories and photos online.

Geocaching is a great activity to do as a family that combines both outdoor/natural play and technology.

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