Hand-made moccasins from New Mexico

By Tiffany Thomas

Photo: lldesignsstore.com
Photo: lldesignsstore.com

ALBUQUERQUE – LL Designs is a U.S Company based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lloree is an Arikara, Hidatsa & White Earth Chippewa artist and has been making hand crafted beaded moccasins for the last 15 years!

LLoree is originally from Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation located in the plains region of North Dakota. The hand crafter herself held a career in counseling, obtaining degrees in psychology and social psychology but knew her heart and passion was always within Arts and creating; therefore LL Designs was born!

Blending beautiful, intricate beads with a colorful variety of premium deerskin leathers; each and every pair are inspired by Lloree’s love of cultural art and creativity! LL Designs caters to women, men and of course children!

Her online store showcases a number of styles for everyone in your family, she even does custom orders!

When we asked LLoree her advice to young entrepreneurs this is what she said

“Don’t let anyone outside or within Indian Country tell you that you can’t do what you dream to do. We all have one trip through this world, take advantage of it…embrace it. Surround yourself with those who believe in you and lift you. People will always have something negative to say or not support who you are or what you do. That is life, stay away from the nay-Sayers and focus on your goals & dreams. Always respect tradition but never fail to ignore your own flare, your flare is your fire. Your fire is who you are, your uniqueness, and that is your power. No one is you, and you have control of what you pursue.”

All of LLoree’s designs are made 100% by hand and her business is also 100% Native Owned! Place your order today!


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