How I got into slime culture

I love Karina Garcia.

She releases tons of videos to Facebook that I scroll through on the daily to pass time. She does DIY’s and slime videos really well and after watching a good handful of the slime vids, I had to try it.

As a genre of DIY’s that has swept the younger gen., it’s kind of impossible not to see the slime culture. I have little cousins that make slime all of the time because of the videos, and they have become notorious kitchen-ruiners. But I will add that first hand, playing with slime releases so much tension and stress. At least, mine did.

So I found the easiest and least messy formula or recipe to try at home.

I got everything I needed in two stops. I went to my nearest Buck or Two and scooped up some clear glue, scented shampoo, shell beads, glitter and gold flakes. Then I went to Shoppers Drug Mart for some contact lens solution and borax detergent.

I went home and grabbed a stainless steel bowl and poured one container of glue into it. Then I added some borax and lens solution and voila, it began to form.

I honestly wanted the slime to turn out clear, but I would have had to wait for some chemical reactions and some bubbles to go away to do it, so my glob of white slime was near complete.

The funnest part wasn’t just combining for the chemical reaction of slime, but adding in the fixins. In the first glob I added gold flakes and in the second I added packs of glitter and the shell beads. Both of them were fun to moosh around and crackle and stretch.

The clean up was easy too with some vinegar. You just pour a little vinegar into the bowl and the leftovers in the bowl will peel off. In the case of dropping the slime and staining say, a carpet, pick up the leftover slime and pour vinegar onto the stain to scrub off after setting.

It was a fun way to spend half of an evening and I understand why kids dig it so much.

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