The Indigenous Idol Spring to Summer Tour

Are you an indigenous music artist?

The search is on for indigenous music artists across Turtle Island whom will be given the chance to earn the title of Indigenous Idol, $2,000, a recording contract with Stressed Street Entertainment, marketing and promotions by SAMAYA Entertainment — all you have to do is try.

With Joey Stylez and Suzette Amaya, well-known for her appearance on Big Brother in 2013, the duo hope to bring a talent show case to Toronto.

Stylez is an award winning singer-songwriter, rapper, First Nations activist, visual artist and fashion designer. Amaya is a radio host, entrepreneur and a reality star.

“For so many years both of us have been travelling and touring, being on centre stages. But, we wanted to flip that and make sure that each community that we visit, that the artists, the youth, the community are the stars rather than us. It’s an opportunity for us to give back and search up new talents in the communities,” said Amaya.

Both Amaya and Stylez don’t solely want to find new talent.

“So, with the skills that we’ve had over the years of touring and visiting and being in the music industry, we want to be able to help facilitate young peoples careers in the industry,” she said. “To help them build confidence and self-esteem through work shops that we’ll hold. And spending quality time with people, rather than coming into communities and doing a show or performance or work shop, but actually spend time with them one on one as a group. To kind of help them through any needs that the community may have at the time,” she explained.

This opportunity would offer not only exposure and experience to up and coming artists, but it would also offer the possibility of earning a spot to work with Stylez and Amaya.

“We’re looking for a star in each province; people can book us and we’ll host some talent showcases in various cities like Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver. Each place that we visit will create a database of great talent that we see along the way and help to give them exposure and marketing. At the end of our tour, we’ll kind of decide on someone that we can really stand by in each province and then leave it up to the public to pick one national person that they see as someone that could be the next indigenous star.”

Stylez and Amayas’ tour together will continue until September and will definitely benefit any and all artists from Six Nations and the surrounding area no matter what genre, should a talent show case reach Toronto. But, in regards to what Amaya would like to say to young artists to help give encouragement to give Indigenous Idol a shot, she explained that determination is a key factor.

“I would like to say to the young people out there that anything is possible, they just have to want it and be determined to do it. Sometimes life gets in the way during struggles, adversities and things that kind of break down their self-esteem. But, that’s their life and that’s what they want to do, so I think it’s important to dream big. I think as an indigenous person, it’s almost everyone’s responsibility to help break stereotypes, help our people as a nation achieve great things and it’s our time to shine.”

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