Instagram make up artist under fire

Bianca Linares, (biancalovesmakeup91), who creates make up looks for over 500,000 followers on Instagram, has received backlash in the past week over comments made about indigenous women.

“I am addicted to all things makeup,” reads her bio.

Watching the Instagram live posted by Debbie Derrick, Linares makes comments about not wanting to live on reserve because indigenous women “get murdered there and they don’t solve the murders, women go missing and they don’t do anything about it.”

“I don’t want to get raped or killed,” she said.

She also made comments about not being able to visit the casino and that

She has since disallowed the comments section on her Instagram posts.

Sasha White Feather later began a petition in response which has gathered 150,374 with a goal of 200,000 to remove the Instagrammer as an ambassador with Morphe Cosmetics.

“As some of you are aware of what has hit social media in regards to Bianca (IG: biancalovesmakeup91) and her uneducated racial slurs towards the Indigenous population. Bianca went to apologize for her comments but, a day later post the middle finger on her Instagram page on the day Indigenous people around the world honour MMIW. One of her comments includes “go missing and get murdered why don’t you” among others. Bianca has since deleted this photo but it can be found circulating the internet as well as the original video from where it all started. Biancas comments are hurtful and promote racism towards Indigenous people. It’s never okay to be a public figure let alone be attached to a successful cosmetic line such as Morphe. Bianca thinks what she said is a joke, as an Indigenous woman who fights for Indigenous people daily, Morphe should drop all connections with her. We need to let her and other people know it is NOT okay to be racist to ANY race, especially when you’re a public figure.”

In response, Myk Gonzales started a petition to Morphe to counter White Feathers, with 4,440 signatures out of a goal of 5,000.

“Bianca Linares @beautybybianca made a very small comment on her live about indigenous woman and someone who dislikes her tried to twist her words and make her look like she meant to say something negative when in all reality she was just stating an OPINION about how she feels regarding living on a reservation from what she has heard from others.

She immediately apologized for her words and agreed she needed more education on the subject but very much stated that she meant it in no negative way or meant any harm. People have been trying to tear her down ever since they saw her potential and she started receiving PR packages. Everyone makes mistakes in life and her true supporters know she did not mean anything wrong with what she said.

If you support Bianca I hope you will sign this in hopes of letting Morphe know she still has more supporters than people that do not like her. It’s not fair to bash people the way they are bashing her for an opinion she stated. We all live and learn and are still learning every day. She is a very talented woman and amazing mother and has worked very hard to get where she’s at. Thank you to those that still support her.”

On May 6, White Feather posted a partial screen capture of an apology, following an update to her petition: “Bianca posted this apology then a day later posted a picture to her Instagram (IG: biancalovesmakeup91) throwing up the middle finger “fun fact whenever I’m taking my makeup selfies I also do one giving the camera the pa los haters” on the day Indigenous people honour MMIW. It’s a bit ironic on when her middle finger photo was posted. Clearly her apology was not sincere.”

On the same day, “T Talda” posted: “Morphe pulled her curation from their website. That’ll teach her a lesson in going viral. It can go either way.”

A circulated screen capture allegedly posted by Linares also included: “You are complete clowns. Best believe this will NEVER affect my career. Keep trying. Jealousy is a disease. Your fake content and photoshopped comments are comical though, I must say. Keep sharing, thanks for the recognition. – Bianca Garcia-Linares (Beauty by Bianca).

Alyssia Lonetree also posted to Morphe saying: “I would like to strongly suggest you drop all sponsorship of Beauty by Bianca. After she made disrespectful remarks about missing and murdered Indigenous women followed by a video saying it was still good for her brand. She also made an insincere apology followed by a flipping off selfie on #MMIWawareness day. Then telling an indigenous follower ‘to go missing and get murdered.’”

“I believe Morphe wants more for their brand. I believe your brand wants to empower individuals and Bianca Linares is a representation of the opposite. Making jokes about an issue that is very devastating to the indigenous population.”

Visiting her Instagram page now will allude to none of this, however. You can find White Feathers’ petition here:

In reality, many indigenous women are under the statistical thumb pushed upon them by stereotypes and fetishization, making them a target not generally on reserve, but to predators off-reserve. A reason is that leads that forensic workers turn to as prime suspects are generally friends and family, thus their cases don’t get solved because there are no typical leads when an indigenous woman is assaulted, murdered, or stolen off-reserve.

Photo cutline: Bianca Linares went under fire as indigenous followers heard her comments and thoughts about MMIWG, hoping to remove her from Morphe Cosmetics.

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