Inuk and Innu Love Story coming to theatres this spring

Six Nations actor Graham Greene stars in a new film to be released this spring. “Maina”, directed by Canadian filmmaker Michel Poulette, is an action/adventure/love story taking place in pre-contact Labrador and Nunavut.

Based on the novel by Dominique Demers, an Innu clan, called “Nearly Wolves” get an unexpected visit from a clan of Inuk called “Men from the Land of Ice”. The two meet peacefully, but as tension grows, a battle ensues and the Inuk capture a young Innu boy, Nipki and take him north. Maina has made a vow to Nipki’s dying mother to raise her son. When the boy is captured, Maina goes on a rescue mission to retrieve him. However it is unsuccessful and Maina is captured and taken hostage by one of the clan leaders, Natak. It is while she is captive in the north that Maina and Natak fall in love.

The film uses both Inuktitut and Innu dialects with English subtitles. This adds to the feel of the film as both clans struggle to understand the cultural differences between them.
Maina has a star studded cast of indigenous talent. Greene (Dances with Wolves, The Green Mile, Twilight) plays Mishtenapeu, an Innu chief and father to lead character Maina, played by Roseanne Supernault (Blackstone, Rhymes for Young Ghouls). It also features Tantoo Cardinal (Blackstone, North of 60) as Tekahera, a medicine woman and Maina’s mother. Ipellie Ootoova plays Inuk leader Natak who falls in love with Maina. Eric Schweig (Blackstone, Last of the Mohicans) also plays in the film as Quujuuq, one of Natak’s friends.

Though the film has not seen it’s theatrical release yet, it has received raving reviews at film festivals around the world. It has also seen a slew of nominations, taking the Best Film award at the American Indian Film Festival last fall, and Best Actress Awards for both Supernault and Cardinal.

The Canadian Film Industry as taken notice as well; Maina is nominated by the Canadian Academy for six awards this spring including Best Motion Picture, Art Direction, Costume Design, Cinematography, Makeup and Original Score.

Maina is coming to theatres March 21, 2014.

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