Iron Worker turned Artist

SIX NATIONS – Iron Worker turned artist, Robert James House, Cayuga Turtle, gave up construction but did not give up his tools.

Throughout the past 25 to 30 years House has been discovering the special gift Creator has given him as a sculptor and artist, creating multi-media works that come out of his deep well of creativity.

Robert House expresses his heart in a metal sculpture with symbolism behind every element of it. Photo by Jim Windle

House grew up working the farm with his father Willard House, and after he died about 15 years ago, Robert began exploring his artistic side more anymore, eventually getting a job with Buck Spittal doing small crafts for his Irocrafts gift store on Tuscarora Road.

He has worked with wood, soapstone, brass and deer antler but also has experience working with different metals, which he gained as an Iron worker.

His studio is his back yard and that’s where he likes to be.

I still have the first bronze I ever made,” he says. “It’s called the Lone Warrior. I think I am going to keep that one.”

Although he has never actually played the game, lately his works have taken on a lacrosse theme.

“I haven’t played but I love the game and so does a lot of people here,” says House.

House is just one of many artists and crafters who reside at Six Nations but art being what it is, every one turns out something just a little bit different and is always one-off works of a true Onkwehonwe artist.

If anyone would like to speak with House about a custom project or to select a piece from his collection, call Robert James House at 226-966-0879.

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