Michelle Farmer’s 43rd Studio Showcase shows local talent

BRANTFORD — Michelle Farmer’s Studio of Dance and Modelling presented the 43rd Annual Talent Showcase before a full house at BCI for two nights this weekend.

“Tonight we displayed tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and our youngest dancer was two and our oldest dancers are in their fifties. So that’s a big span,” said studio director Michelle Farmer.

But Farmer explained that dance is something that people can always come back to at any age.

“Some of the adults will take a break; one of them took a break for thirty years and now she’s back,” she said. “A lot of our adults have grandchildren also dancing, so a lot of them keep their families in dance and stay in a way that’s almost loyal.”

And keeping dance in the family also applies to her own, as her son Jazz Fuller has taken the reigns in choreography.

“He choreographed all of the hip hop routines tonight,” she said. “Last year I did some of them but this year he did them all, and he’s already an award winning choreographer.”

Farmer said that Fuller earned first place overall with one of his hip hop routines and she says he’s doing “very well with it.”

And Fuller has his own motivation for stepping onto the choreography platform.

“It’s not just for girls; we had five boy dancers and that was really nice to see,” he said. “That’s why I dance, just to show the younger kids that boys do dance and that you don’t have to be a girl to dance hip hop.”

“And once you’re up there it’s a lot of fun,” he said.

Fuller said that his ambition for next year is to get an older group of boys interested in dance, as he said that dance can be the right kind of activity for some.

“It gives kids something to do besides the usual sports on the reserve like lacrosse and baseball or hockey.”

Fuller said that overall, all of the performances went well and he noted that how much energy the young dancers have is “amazing.”

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