Preview of Onkwehon:we Festival shines in Brantford

BRANTFORD — For one great evening, both the Woodland Cultural Centre (WCC) and Club NV hosted local talents for audiences on Friday, April 27.

The WCC Artistic Director Naomi Johnson explained that the evening at the WCC was organized by Artistic Associate Gyeho Thomas to help draw attention to an upcoming festival.

“It was a kick off in a way,” said Johnson. “Just a sampling of what you’re gonna get at the Onkwehon:we Festival we’re going to be putting on in June.”

Nick Sherman

The evening brought together Lacey Hill and Nick Sherman, and Sherman explained that the opportunity to perform came after he reached out to the WCC to see if they would want to host an evening of music.

“I’ve done a few shows with the Woodland Cultural Centre in the past and I just happened to be coming through town because I’m doing some work out on Six Nations at Thru the Red Door,” said Sherman. “I just asked out of the blue if they had an evening where they wanted some music and it just kind of worked.”

And the evening offered some good feelings for him as well after his acoustic elements and raspy vocals filled the auditorium.

“I feel good, I always feel good after performing some songs,” he said.

Soon after performing at the WCC, Lacey Hill then performed alongside the Bad Guys at Club NV, as the venue set up to host the return of Big Joe.

“Performance-wise the Bad Guys slayed the night with original tunes and stage presence!” said Hill. “Congrats to Big Joe for his return to the stage.”

But Hill also commended Sherman on his performance at the WCC, and she recognized the power within both of the venues.

Lacey Hill

“The Woodland Cultural Centre is an amazing spot to sing,” she said. “The acoustics are awesome, and the artists they bring in share beautiful original pieces. Its a hidden gem for sure. Its one of my favorite places to put on a show and I would like to see more community members fill those seats. Its a real pleasure to sing there especially with the history it holds.”

“The only connection for me [at Club NV] is the stage and the audience,” she said. “So, when I hit stage with the Bad Guys I want to perform my best, always! I have to be stronger as sometimes I’m the only native female in the scene. So, I try my hardest to represent!”

In regards to the overall impact of performing locally, Hill gave her own success to the support of family and friends.

“Its a positive impact because any stage time is good,” she said, “The more and more you perform the better you get. So come on out and be apart of it, support your local artists!  I know I couldn’t have gotten this far without my family friends and fans support over the years.”

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