Facebook group shares thousands of scary stories from Six Nations

SIX NATIONS — From bigfoot photos to at-home nightmares and creepy sights, the Scary Stories Six Nations Facebook Page was created by Jay Smith to spread the scary tales of community members to entertain while self-isolating.

“This group has been created to share stories in, around, and about our community. For as long as I can remember, there have been scary stories, some to make kids listen, some from experience, some.. Maybe even made up,” reads the page.

The page offers ‘good ol’ fashioned make your hair stand up’ stories and is said to have members staying up long into the night from interest and goosebumps.

TRT has compiled some favourites with permissions from the page members for you to enjoy.

This one involves the Six Nations Library, posted by member Jody Blair:

“I’ve worked at the Six Nations Public Library for years,” wrote Blair. “I took this video when I was 14 (Now 22) This the first time we’ve ever caught anything on camera, that’s why everyone is so excited.”

The video depicts a male visitor seated alone, at a computer in the library. Later, a book is thrown, seemingly on its own, from the bookshelf behind the visitor. Blair added an update that a former employee told her that the book was about Residential School in B.C.

“This is on the second floor. The native collection was located up there. I can’t remember the exact title, but I do remember it being about teen suicides and prevention on reserves. During this time, there were a lot of young deaths, and some of them being suicides. Maybe it was a message? Maybe it wasn’t…There isn’t anything behind the bookshelf, it’s a brick wall and you can see the book looks as if it’s being ‘pulled’, almost thrown.

The library is believed to be a spot where spirts can ‘pass by’ in the afterlife because it is a public building. I can tell you first hand, I have never felt the same energy (or spirit) in this library. it’s always different. and there are periods of time where I won’t feel anything at all. but I have never felt anything bad here, ever. I feel as if spirits just pass by and sometimes they leave messages like this.”

This story includes roads in the upper end of Six Nations, posted by member Jay Brant:

“My story starts like many others,” wrote Brant. “Walking down the road at night. It was about 32 years ago on Seneca Road between First Line and Townline. The moon was bright and things were peaceful. As I turned onto Seneca, I got about 50 yards from the corner and heard something walking alongside me in the bush. I thought it was probably just a rez dog following me but the steps sounded too heavy as I heard branches breaking and a few loud thuds. When I came to a clearing of the field, I stopped hearing the noises. I watched as I walked a good 200 meters and didn’t see anything walking along. As soon as I hit the bush line again.. I heard it again. This time it sounded more intense. That’s when I got freaked out. Then a real rez dog came running and barking. I thought he was coming after me but went after whatever was in the bush. Ever since then, I had an admiration for rez dogs and stopped judging them.”

Another tale includes Pauline Johnsons homestead, posted by member Kali Reid.

“As soon as I was told about this group I just had to join it and post this story,” wrote Reid. “I’ve only ever told a couple of people this. A couple of summers ago I worked at the Pauline Johnson museum for a couple of weeks before switching jobs. While I was there my supervisor showed me around the museum and one of the artifacts is Pauline Johnson’s original doll (i think she was porcelain). The doll is kept in a specific room, on a rocking chair and the room is blocked off with just a piece of string so large groups of tourists won’t enter the room, you can only look into it from the hallway so the string is ALWAYS left up unless an employee has entered the room to clean. One day, I was asked to work by myself to close the museum, and my supervisor told me to just dust things off and whatnot before locking up. While I was downstairs in the office I heard a creak upstairs, I ignore it like it’s an old house so whatever. I hear it again, I go upstairs and the string is off the doorway to the doll’s room. I’m like shit my coworker must’ve left this undone — I put the string back up and go downstairs. it’s time for me to lock up and while I’m doing one last sweep of the house, I hear a noise like something fell and when I went to go check what fell, the string was left off the doorway again and the doll was off the rocking chair. I ran out and locked up the museum, never even told my supervisors or coworkers.”

The final story we’ve compiled involves “The Trail” in Ohsweken, posted by member Jolene Martin.

“I grew up in the first set of houses built on Bicentennial Trail back in the ’80s,” wrote Martin. “Not too sure my age at the time between four to six years old, I woke up in the middle of the night because it got too hot in my room. I went into the living-room and cranked open the window and just sat there, taking in the cool air. As I was blankly looking at the street and street light there was a man all in black with a black hat on, like the old guy from Poltergeist 2, he was walking in the middle of the street. I blinked and he was right in front of my face at the window. His face was all washed out, white looking with blacked-out eyes. “Let me in Jolene.” I didn’t answer. “Come on Jolene your Mom said it was ok, just open the door and let me in.” I was so scared and just froze staring at him. Finally, I got the courage to get up and run to my room, as I was going down the hall I had to pass by the side door that has a window, he was there too. “Let me in Jolene!” I kept going to my room and his voice was like in my head following me to my room repeating over and over “let me in!”

Nobody knew what it was, I’d share my story as I grew up but nobody had any answers.
About six or seven years ago, I’m at work and this elderly man comes into the shop, dressed sharp and driving a nice car. Something about his energy was off-putting so I stayed out back until I thought he left. I come strolling out as he was just about to walk out the door, he stops, turns around towards me and in that same voice he says to me “You didn’t think I forgot about you did you, Jolene?” He walks out the door chuckling to himself and I’m back to this terrified little girl again.”

Today, 3100 members now circulate through the page.

“This is great!” Wrote Admin. Jay Smith. “Josh Miller brought up a good point about a book being written to help the community. To be honest, I was going to ask if members would agree to have certain stories published. There is a process, and many things have to be done to get there. And yes, money made would help cover the cost of publishing, possibly a small amount to each that share and get published, and some form of way set up to go back to the community.

But this all depends on the cost of everything. So… With that being said, I am hoping this group continues to share. People are getting things out that they may have kept in forever, which may or may not have caused them trauma in some fashion. Again thank you all for sharing. Let it be known that this was not the intention of the group, profit was not the intention. If a book can be written from all of this, the community will benefit, because it is the community that is sharing!”

Smith said that any ideas on how to help get this accomplished to feel free to inbox! He will also be mulling over the idea of making the group private to protect the stories from being stolen.

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