A step forward for Indigenous Fashion

OHSWEKEN – As planned to co-align with the North American Indigenous Games, a showcase of both culture and fashion graced the Six Nations Community Hall on Thursday, July 20.

With each and every indigenous nation and tribe holding their own styles of clothing, adornment, bead-work and jewelry; the show was hoped to highlight the innovative and modernized variations of traditional clothing for attendees to enjoy.

The show included works and designs from the likes of Six Nations own Sapling & Flint, Tammy Beauvais, Tishynah Buffalo, Nilo & Elizabeth Perkins and Chessa Syrette, who each dazzled the runway with beautiful indigenous models from the territory.

Of these models included Makasa Looking Horse, who said the experience was “a privilege.”

“It was an honour to model for my own community,” said Lookinghorse. “It was also an honour to do it beside other indigenous models for indigenous fashion and that’s what I loved most about it.”

The show itself was another step forward for the development of authentic indigenous-made fashion.

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