The Future is Aboriginal Podcasting

My Name is Wesli Day and I am a podcaster. I am from Serpent River First Nation and have been involved in media relations for the past 7 years. If you had asked about podcasting a year ago, I would have told you that I was an avid fan of the medium and that I really support it and enjoy the programming that is available. I wouldn’t have told you that I was going to start doing it myself!

The path to this podcasting world really started when I began listening to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. After hearing a friend speak highly of it, I i decided to tune in by downloading the podcast app on my smart phone and subscribing to his show for free. Upon hearing multiple episodes with guests ranging from sports stars to scientists, I quickly realized that this medium was a window into the lives and minds of people you wouldn’t think you could relate to but almost always did.

The podcasts inspired and challenged my concepts of life and helped me better understand different lives that famous and innovative people lead. This of course left me to question what our people’s lives could reveal and how we could learn from our nations leaders, our youth and our elders.

I dug deep and found myself looking at our world. The world of rez life and band politics. The youth and the everyday person just trying to get by. Suddenly it hit me. I can podcast for our people! I can tell our story and I can tell the story of my generation through this incredible medium!

In no time I found a website that would host the show. I found guests in friends and family and I made the effort to reach out through social media. With a hand held digital recorder and rough knowledge of audio editing software, I was immediately able to reach an audience online and in minutes.

Now wait! What’s the show about? Who owns the content and where why are your people telling you what to say?

The beauty of this podcast is it is mine. I can say what I like to say and if you aren’t interested in it then you have the choice not to listen. What has been happening with podcasts now is that they are becoming the new way to get your words, thoughts and perspectives out to large audiences without the need of any corporation. No one telling you what to say or not say.

My show, “The Rez Quest Podcast” aims to look at the things I find interesting and bring you into my world and my travels. My first episode enitiledentitled: “Hip Hop in the Big City,” examined what native native hip hop was and where it was going. These things seem interesting to me and sure enough I i found a small audience online.

In the hands of our people, this medium will enhance and challenge the conventional methods of delivering knowledge. You could do a show on just about anything and find an audience. From the elders with the teachings and language to the youth with their dreams and energy, we will be heard!

If you would like to hear Wes Days podcast you can find it in iTunes by searching: “The Rez Quest Podcast.”

In the podcast section.

You may also find it online at the Homepage:

You can also follow him on twitter: @wesliday or @rezquestpod

The two Row times does not necessarily endorse this podcast but wishes to acknowledge this fresh OG.

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